Strictly 2015 – The Musicals Week Extravaganza – Performance Review!

It’s the quarter-final! *jazz hands*

It’s Musicals Week! *jazz hands*

Anton has performed a dance in December *jazz hands* 

and tonight was possibly the best Strictly ever!

Sorry if we seem a little excited, but we too have been at the haribo a bit like Bruno. Tonight was Musicals week and it was truly amazing. The show began with a stellar performance from the Strictly Professionals featuring hats! Hats off to the Strictly professionals for making it look so easy and making us want a glittery hat ready for Christmas!

First up on the dancefloor were Georgia and Giovanni with a beautiful Foxtrot. We loved this routine because it was Disney and Beauty and the Beast themed (our favourite Disney film ever!) The choreography and dancing were beautiful and Georgia was the Belle of the Ball. We loved it and awarded it a Strictly 10. Our judges gave them a respectable 36/40. It also got us thinking about future theme weeks. How awesome would a Disney theme week be!

Next up were Anita and Gleb with a criminally good Chicago themed Argentine Tango. Anita is not a trained dancer and throughout the competition, Gleb has stretched her and helped her morph into a beautiful dancer. Anita signed up to Strictly to learn the Argentine Tango and she gave it her all in this performance. It was dramatic and full of intent. We loved it and gave them a 9. Our judges seemed to disagree a little with Craig giving Anita a 6 and Len giving her a 9. All together she got 31/40.

We then ventured from Chicago to the East End for Kellie and Kevin who had a right knees up on the Strictly dancefloor with a brilliant Oliver-themed Viennese Waltz! Can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing Kellie’s training skirts are? *writes a list to santa asking for one* Also, although this wasn’t a traditional Viennese Waltz song, Kevin is a choreography genius and created a brilliant dance which the two performed wonderfully! They not only danced, but sung at the same time too. In our opinion they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 36/40.

It was then time for Jay and Aliona to perform a Rumba. My 5 year old was most disappointed by Jay’s costume as it needed a lot more sparkle. Here were her thoughts (which mummy agreed with):

We both however agreed that the dancing was incredible. We loved the contemporary feel of their Rumba and it brought tears to our eyes it was that good. We felt it deserved a 10. They got 3 10s from the judges and were awarded 39 points (their highest score yet!)

Our penultimate couple to perform were Katie and Anton with their Foxtrot. It was Cabaret inspired and we feel that maybe this time, this time, Anton’ll win. It was a classy, elegant performance and Katie performed her best dance yet. It was full of sophistication and truly brilliant. In our opinion, they deserved a 10. Our judges awarded them 35/40!

The final couple to perform were Helen and Aljaz with a Les Miserables’ inspired Paso Doble which they wanted to make Craig a little Les(s) Miserable! It was full of drama and passion and despite a couple of errors Helen pulled it off. We felt the music was a little shouty and loud, but loved the dancing. In our opinion she deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 34/40!

That ended the spectacular musicals week. We’d love to hear who your favourites were. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. 

We’re back tomorrow from 7pm tweeting along with the Strictly Results show. We hope you can join us then!

Cassie šŸ™‚


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