Strictly 2015 – The Semi-Final Performance Recap

We can hardly believe that tomorrow night’s results show will be the last results show of 2015! *sobs* As Strictly live shows go, tonight’s show was the sparkliest ever and all the couples are deserving of a Glitterball in their own right.

It was the night when Len got himself in a Pickle, Jay became Doctor Who, Claudia became a Dolphin and Kellie and Kevin morphed into Fred and Ginger! Here’s what happened dance by dance and what we thought of the show:

First up tonight were Katie and Anton who performed a Charleston and a Waltz. Their Charleston had lots of tricky Choreography and Anton really stretched Katie technically. Katie looked and acted the part. It wasn’t perfect, but we must say this lift was truly impressive:

In our opinion this dance deserved an 8. Our judges awarded them 25/40, including a 4 from Craig (we think he wasn’t happy with his Secret Santa present!)

This couple’s Ballroom routines always impress us and from week one they have been a class act! Their Waltz was beautiful and moved us to tears. We gave them a 9, our judges awarded them 31/40 which gave them a combined total of 56/80. They really need our votes this week!

Next up were Jay and Aliona with their Viennese Waltz and Charleston. They performed a soft and beautiful Viennese Waltz which moved us to tears. It got Len into a pickle (we’re hoping it was a walnut pickle or else we’d be disappointed!) and Craig commented on his lack of facial expression (how can you not love Jay’s face?) 

They were awarded 34/40 for their Waltz. They then performed a  time-travelling Charleston which truly impressed us. Jay was Doctor Who and they both took us back to the 1920s. It was a show-stopper of a routine, which we really loved.  Credit has to go to Aliona for the amazing choreography this series. In our opinion they deserved a 10 for both dances. The judges awarded them 37/40 for this routine, giving them a total of 71/40!

It was then the turn of Georgia and Giovanni to take to the floor! Georgia has been ill this week so they only had 2 days to learn both routines. They started with a Cheeky and Charming Cha Cha Cha! We loved it and felt it suited Georgia perfectly. The judges awarded them 33/40! They then took to the floor with a romantic and truly perfect Viennese Waltz which made even the coldest heart (Craig) melt. The dance made us smile and reminded us why these two deserve to get to the final! It was perfect and the judges awarded them a brilliant 38/40! Given the lack of training they’ve had this week, they did a wonderful job!

Next up were Anita and Gleb with their Foxtrot and Salsa! They danced a Foxtrot to New York, New York. This is the city so good they named it twice, and this Foxtrot deserved to be named twice. It was classy, elegant and glamourous. In our opinion she deserved a 9, our judges awarded her 32/40! For their next dance, they performed an acrobatic Salsa which gave us a taster of how amazing their Showdance could be! My daughter made one comment, that Gleb’s jacket was a bit too short (I agree with her!) They were given 32/40 for this dance too which gave them 64/80.

On Strictly they normally save the best till last and tonight was no exception! Kellie and Kevin performed  a beautiful Rumba and American Smooth. Their Rumba was technically difficult and Kellie performed it beautifully. Kevin’s choreography was truly wonderful. They then took to the floor with an American Smooth which has, for us, become the dance of the series! It had old school glamour which Fred and Ginger would be proud of, and it featured the return of Kevin’s Neck of Steel! They were awarded 34/40 for their Rumba and a brilliant 39/40 for their American Smooth lifting them to the top of the leaderboard!

That ended the semi-final! In our opinion all 5 couples deserve to go through to next week’s final. We’d love to hear who you’d love to see in the final. Comment below to let us know or tweet @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cassie 🙂 


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