Strictly 2015 – Farewell to Team Glita!

Tonight, Team Glita (Anita and Gleb) had their Strictly journey cut short as they were eliminated from the competition.

If Strictly were judged on determination, courage and creativity alone, these two would win it! They both had these qualities by the bucketload!

Over the last 12 weeks, Anita and Gleb have sparkled and shone in all their performances. For his first series, Gleb’s choreography has been creative, unique and so much fun to watch. As a teacher, he has transformed Anita (who had no prior dance training) into a great dancer and we’re sure they’ll remain friends for life.

Their team name, Team Glita was apt for these two. My 5 year old was a little upset hearing they were going home tonight. In her opinion the Strictly final won’t be the final without Team Glita! It needs to be more sparkly!

For us, who could forget the many Gleb Specials? That risk-taking Charleston which stole our hearts, That American Smooth with THE Gleb Special,  That Paso Doble which rocked the Tower Ballroom and the enchanting and spell-binding Malificent Viennese Waltz. Their dances have been some of our favourite Strictly moments ever.

For those of us lucky enough to be going to see the tour, we will get to see them perform together, however we will miss seeing them perform in the final. Here are some of our favourite Team Glita Moments:

We’d like this post to become a tribute to them. Comment below with your messages of support for Team Glita. We’ll make sure they see them.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


17 thoughts on “Strictly 2015 – Farewell to Team Glita!”

    1. you should have been in the final total fix!! how could the judges compare katie and anton with you two .gleb you have a fantastic career in
      front of you and anita you were just amazing .my heart was in my mouth in your last dance! xxx

    2. Agreed. I am so very disappointed that Gleb & Anita are not to dance in the Final. I think their Show Dance would have been even more amazing than ever. Anita, for someone who had never danced before, to be partnered with Gleb must have been overwhelming at times, but you did absolutely fantastic and you should both be extremely proud of yourselves. Everyone on here agrees that you should have made the final. Definitely think a change of judges is overdue?

  1. Goodbye #TeamGLITA! Really sad to see you go, you were a joy to watch and brought us one of a kind, unforgettable routines…I loved your choreography Gleb, some of my favourite I’ve ever seen on Strictly πŸ™‚ xx πŸ’ƒ

  2. In my opinion Anita and Gleb are what Strictly is about. I’ve loved watching their journey, their enthusiasm, and the amazing routines choreographed by Gleb. Way to go Team GLITA !!

  3. They were fabulous and Gleb’s choreography was very craftily sexual! When you think how he pounced on Anita! Two distinct memories, when he did the splits and ripped his shirt off in front of Claudia!! Bless!!

  4. Thank you Gleb and Anita for being the best partnership ever on Strictly, you two should have been in the final, I think we all know you were robbed- I would have loved to see Team Glita win for the fact that Anita started this competition with no previous dance training and as Gleb says himself, she has achieved a standard which is virtually impossible in such a short space of time, and just goes to show how far hard work and determination can get you, not to mention Gleb’s skilled teaching and his creative and innovative choreography which has brought a much needed breath of fresh air to Strictly. As a partnership, you were incredible- Anita has clearly got so much respect and admiration for Gleb as a dancer and in return the support and genuine pride he showed in her achievement was so touching. They took their untimely exit with such grace and dignity, yet you could sense the huge disappointment of getting so close, only to be knocked out by a far less competent dancer in the semi final. Anita and Gleb, you leave with your heads held high, you have achieved an incredible amount and I am in awe of Anita’s courage and the trust she showed in Gleb, and I am in awe of Gleb, both his dancing and his outstanding choreography and the way he knew just how to push Anita, firmly but kindly to the level he could see she was capable of achieving. Team Glita you were the best, you MADE this years Strictly for so many of us and I for one believe the final will be sadly lacking in joy, talent and sheer excitement without you. Be so proud!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’—

  5. Worst decision ever voting you off. I loved every minute of your dances. You gave it your all. Saturday night won’t be the same without you xx

  6. Can not believe you were voted out, you made strictly. I only watched strictly for your dances, they were amazing. You have definitely been robbed, I really don’t feel like watching strictly, and to be honest don’t really care who wins now, as in my eyes you two were the winners. My favourite dance of the series was movie week when anita was maleficent, wow that dance blew me away. Gleb was awesome and I hope he will be back next year. Strictly wont be the same without you.

  7. Absolutely devastated!!! Get rid of fuddy duddy judges who don’t get contemporary They should be ashamed of themselves Gleb and Anita my winners without any doubt Final not worth watching now

  8. Very upset you two will not be in the final – I’ve been grumpy ever since Sunday. Anita you are a great dancer and Gleb you have produced some thrilling choreography – please come back next year!

  9. I am so, so disappointed!!!!..It’s more than uproar because a favourite left……..
    Anita & Gleb brought a breath of fresh air to Strictly. Their dancing was innovative, beautiful & sometimes even scary. They summed up exactly what I believed Strictly was all about…somebody, with no previous experience, learning different dances. This would involve intensive training, complete trust in their professional partner & willing to attempt anything that the professional gave them to do.
    I believe Anita did all of this & more.
    She didn’t rely on her partner to ‘carry’ her around the dance floor, like some of the female celebs do. She had developed confidence to dance on her own as well as in hold.
    As Strictly is the only TV competition I follow faithfully every year & like so many others, really, really enjoy the shows on BBC1 & BBC2, I so hope that it’s not fixed.
    I should think that, with all the publicity this result has caused, those in charge realise that something’s not quite right.
    Watching Anita & Gleb brought so much joy to the programme. Congratulations & Thank you to both of you….the final won’t be the same without you both there..πŸ˜’
    As Anita said on It Takes Two, “Gleb will have a fantastic future on Strictly, but I will always be the first!!” Equally I feel quite privileged to have witnessed Anita’s ‘journey’ & such a perfect partnership.
    You literally ‘gave your all’ Anita, you should be very proud of yourself, as I’m sure your parents are….’Keep Dancing!!’πŸ˜„xx

  10. Probably one of the best partnerships we’ve ever had – and will ever have – on the show.

    I don’t think we will ever have a non-dancer with such raw talent, such fearlessness and such sheer trust in her pro. That combined with Gleb’s innovative and daring choreography, their brilliant personalities, great chemistry and genuine care for and pride in each other made them an absolute joy to watch, week after week.

    I’ve watched Strictly since the very beginning – Gleb and Anita were the first pair I really rooted for, and dialled for like a madwoman every single week. I was genuinely devastated for them on Sunday and was left in tears after watching their It Takes Two.

    In the dance off we have Anita’s Salsa (received higher scores and great comments including ‘phenomenal’, ‘hugely enjoyable’ ‘how did you learn that in one week’ ) versus Katie’s Waltz (received lower scores and a lot of criticism.’ Katie is put through because she ‘improved.’ Anita is thrown under the bus because in the judges’ eyes, she could never improve. Even though her dancing was flawless, three of the four judges simply refused to embrace new or modern choreography. Anita was right: Gleb is ahead of his time.

    Gleb and Anita were the only couple who, every week, performed a dance that was complex, ambitious, daring, challenging and pushed Anita out of her comfort zone. She was the only novice in a final of non-dancers and managed to outperform all the actresses on the show. They worked to the bone and were completely emotionally invested in the show. Katie and Anton performed the same, simple dance every week, and Katie fluffed it up every week, and this week it looked like they had spent about a minute preparing for their Charleston.

    The Final has lost all its magic. Gleb and Anita were the real finds of this show. One year on, they are the pair everybody will be talking about whilst 3/4 of the Finalists will have been forgotten.

  11. I’m devastated that Anita and Gleb are out of the competition and if it had been for the judges Anita would have long gone because they have been constantly under marking her, most celebrities know how to dance so what is the point of bringing them into the show and then scoring them so highly against ones with no prior experience. It really is about time to get rid of the judges especially Len who makes it so obvious that he favours Kevin and Anton and now we have kevin, his wife and sister in the show, they might aswell change the name to the Kevin Clifton show. They should bring Karen hardy and possibly Ian Waite to the judging panel. The Final is a going to be a joke with Katie who can’t even dance Latin and can barely do ballroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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