Strictly 2015 – Good Luck Team Jaliona!

In just under 48 hours, our fab-u-lous four finalists will take to the floor for the final time when one couple will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion! One of these couples are the very talented Jay and Aliona!

Over the last 12 weeks, Jay has wowed us with his ability as a good all-rounder. His legendary Jive and brilliant technical ability make him worthy of his place in the final! Along with Aliona he has become a strong contender and together they are a force to be reckoned with!

Jay’s confidence has grown so much in the competition and he has truly come out of his shell. Whatever happens tonight, Jay we are truly proud of you! Good Luck in the final!

Some of our followers have sent you some messages:

Alexandra Morland – Jay & Aliona, Good Luck for the final. You are amazing dancers & people & I’d love to see them win!

@lamariposa1234 – @JayMcGuiness & @AlionaVilani good luck in Strictly Final. Your ‘journey’ has been brilliant!!! You are  genuinely a nice ‘normal’ guy & as Claudia said “so edible!!”πŸ˜„

If you’d also like to leave them a message, comment below. We’ll make sure they see all your messages.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


One thought on “Strictly 2015 – Good Luck Team Jaliona!”

  1. Jay & Aliona, in all the years I have watched strictly I have never been so emotionally engaged with a partnership as I have with urs, and I have never seen a partnership that is so totally together and emotionally connected and it shows every time u dance. You really are the most amazing partnership and I have adored every second of watching u dance – and what unbelievable dancing! The best technique and choreography I have ever seen I think. Don’t change the way u express ur emotion through ur dancing – anyone with any emotional intelligence can see it and u can feel it – that’s what matters. You’re an amazing bloke and Aliona the perfect partner. Good luck on Saturday, u’ll be fabulous x

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