Strictly Support Group – Tonight’s Caption Competition!

Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and when Strictly is involved, we’ve found many a picture which we’ve always wondered what was being said at that moment in time!

Tonight, we hosted a caption competition to get your creative and sparkly minds working! If you’re feeling a bit blue, missing strictly and in crimbo-limbo, this blog post is the answer to all your blues and is guaranteed to make you cry with laughter (what happened to me reading the captions!) Here’s a recap of tonight’s competition (with some of our favourite captions), along with a box of tissues (you might need them!):

For picture one, we chose Harry Potter Kevin from Grimsby and Kellie with their Harry Potter inspired Paso:


For picture two, we chose this gem from Blackpool. It’s Jamelia and Tristan’s Quickstep:


We then moved on to picture 3. Here are some of our favourite captions:


We then discovered this gem of a picture! Once again, your captions were fab-u-lous:


For our fifth picture of the evening we showed you this gem. We had some wonderful suggestions such as these:


For our final picture, we showed you this photographic Gem! Here are some of our favourite captions of the night:


That ended tonight’s caption competition! We hope that this recap has left you with a smile on your face. If you ever need cheering up, just holler and we’ll be there faster than Bruno can fall off his chair *thud*

We’re back on Saturday from 7pm for our first Strictly Support Group of 2016. We hope to see you then!

Cassie πŸ™‚


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