Strictly Support Group – Our New Year’s Resolutions to You!

Happy New Year to all our followers, subscribers, likers and all you awesome people who help make our group so amazing. We hope 2016 brings you all health, happiness and everything you wish for. 

This year we’ve made a few resolutions to you which we think you’ll like:

1) We promise to be sparkly and shine like a glitterball every day of the year! *tops herself up with glitter*

2) We will bring you daily strictly fixes, weekly chats and quizzes.

3) We’ll also be bringing you the Strictly Support Group Strictly Champions of Champions competition! Imagine, some of your favourite dancers from series past going head to head to be crowned the Champion of Champions. It’ll take place on Sunday evenings, so will fill the results show gap quite nicely.

4) Whenever we see or do anything Strictlified, we’ll also review for you on our blog. This also includes our plan to Dance to Work! 

If you want to get involved in any way, or want to review anything on our blog, just let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Just tweet @scd_support to tell us.

Cassie 🙂 


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