Strictly Support Group – Happy New Year!

Tonight, our sparkly glitterball got a bit of a makeover, as our Strictly Support Group was New Year themed. We must point out, we think he looked extra dapper and could even compete with Anton in the dapper-ness stakes! 

We have to admit of having neglected some of our New Year’s Resolutions. Yes it’s only Day 2, but we can make it up on Monday. We began our chat by asking you this: What do you think Strictly’s New Year’s Resolutions will be and do you think they’ll keep them? We had some awesome answers from you, like these:

We loved the sound of these New Year’s Resolutions. We think they’ll “sparkly go where no glitterball has gone before and shower the whole nation with Glitter!”

We then moved on to plan a Strictlified New Year’s Party, asking “If you were to plan a Strictlyl New Year’s Party what would happen and who would be the entertainment?” Here were some of your fab-u-lous suggestions:

We then moved our chat on to peer into our crystal glitterball and ask what you think will happen on Strictly 2016! Here are your wonderful answers:

(And my little girl will demand a recount if he doesn’t win!)

We loved these suggestions and moved our chat to ask what you thought of last year’s Strictly. We asked you to fill in the blanks! Strictly 2015 was the year of ____________ We had many different answers of which 3 names cropped up time and time again:

1) Anton 

2) Gleb

3) Bertie (the Horse!) 

We couldn’t agree with you more. 

For our next question we moved on to ask this. 2 professionals have announced they will not be returning to Strictly. Who would you like to see replace them? We had several names mentioned including:

Charlotte Gooch

Giulia Dotta

Jasmine Takacs

And some old favourites like Erin Boag, Karen Hardy, Iveta Lukosiute, Katya Virshilas, Brian Fortuna and Anya Garnis. We’d love to see all of these people! *begs the strictly producers to make strictly last all year!*

Rumour’s have already started about who’ll be on Strictly 2016. We heard earlier this week that Daniel Craig has been rumoured to appear. We asked you which celebrities would you like to see on Strictly 2016? Here are some of your amazing suggestions:

For our final question of the evening we asked you what new dance style you’d like to see on Strictly 2016? Here were some of your wonderful answers and suggestions:

That ended tonight’s chat! Thank you to all who took part. We hope you enjoyed it. We’re back tomorrow from 7pm for our Strictly Support Group Champion of Champions! Sunday nights are about to get sparkly (again!)

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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