Strictly Support Group Does The Voice, Big Brother and The National Lottery!

Tonight, we went a little bit TV crazy as we mashed the Glitterball with a Singing Contest, A Big House and lots of mini balls in a big whirly machine! Yes, the Strictly Support Group hosted a Voice, Big Brother and National Lottery themed chat!

We began our chat looking at Big Brother:


We began by asking if you could take any Strictly person into the Big Brother house, who would you take and why? You gave us some great answers, like these:

We then moved on to ask if you could take one Strictlified item into the Big Brother house, what would it be and why? We had some brilliant answers. Here are some of our favourites:

For our next question, we dreamt up an idea. Imagine, a Strictly Big Brother house will all your favourite Strictly Professionals. Who would win and why? Here are many of your suggestions:

We then moved our chat to ask, if you were to reveal a #strictly secret in the Big Brother house, what would it be? We had some great secrets, of which this was our favourite:

We then moved our chat on to talk about all things The Voice related.


For our first question, we asked who on Strictly has the best voice for you? Here were some of your brilliant answers:

We then asked, which Strictly performance has made you turn in your chair? Here are some of the brilliant answers you gave us:

We then asked which The Voice mentor would you like to see on Strictly and who would you pair them with? Overwhelmingly you voted for Ricky Wilson 😍 who we would love to see on Strictly! 

We then moved on to the National Lottery themed part of our chat. Tonight we saw the biggest ever Lottery jackpot (£57.8 million – imagine how many glitterballs you could purchase with that!) Good luck to everyone who bought a ticket. We asked, if you won tonight’s jackpot, what Strictlified presents would you buy and who for? Here were some of our favourite answers:

For our final question, we asked you for your Strictly lucky numbers! These two numbers came up several times:

We must point out that we probably have more chance of winning the lottery than getting a 10 from Craig!

For our final question, we asked which pro do you think has hit the jackpot with their celebrities on Strictly? Here are some of your answers:

That ended tonight’s chat. Thank you all for taking part. We hope you enjoyed it. We’re back tomorrow from 7pm for our Strictly Support Group Champion of Champions contest. We hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂 


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