Strictly Support Group – Strictly Tour Chat!

In 6 sleeps time, the Strictly Tour kicks off in Birmingham! We can hardly contain our excitement, so for tonight’s chat, we hosted a Strictly Tour-Themed Strictly Support Group.

We’re pretty sure the Strictly tour will be fab-u-lous but began our chat by asking you to list your favourite ever Strictly tour memories. Here are some of your suggestions:

We then moved our chat on to ask which dances you’d like to see the Strictly 2016 cast perform. Here are some of our favourite answers:

Not everyone gets the chance to appear on the tour, so for our next question we asked you which celebrity (who hasn’t appeared on the tour) would you have most liked to see appear on the Strictly tour. We had some great suggestions from you all. Here are our favourite suggestions:

We’re preparing ourselves for the Strictly tour by making sure we’re extra fab-u-lous! We asked what you’re doing to prepare for the Strictly tour. We had some great suggestions like these:

For our final question we asked you what wish you’re making for the Strictly tour. We’re making a wish that Craig gives a 10 every night! Here are some of your wonderful wishes:

Finally, we announced that we see the Strictly tour as one massive Tweet Up! If you’re going to the Strictly tour, let us know when you’re going and where you’re going. We’d love to give you all the opportunity to meet each other!

That ended tonight’s chat. We hope you enjoyed it. We’re back tomorrow from 7pm for our Strictly Support Group Champion of Champions and on Tuesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz. Hope to see you then!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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