Strictly Support Group – 💃🏻🏆 Champion of Champions Week 6 🏆💃🏻

On last week’s Strictly Support Group, we had a shock result where Simon and Kristina waved goodbye to the competition. This week it’s a double elimination! 😱 It’s a shock result this week and we’re pretty sure that Len has been pickling his walnuts, as we can smell a very strong smell.

Thank you for all your votes this week.  Your votes have been counted and checked and we can now reveal the two couples leaving the competition this week are Tom and Camilla and Ricky and Natalie. *Hands out nose pegs and a box of tissues*

Now on to week 6. We agree the competition is getting very tough. This week will also be a double elimination, meaning next Sunday at 7.30pm 2 couples will leave and everyone needs your votes. All you need to do is watch the following dances below:

Once you’ve seen these all you need to do is vote in the poll below.  As we’ve seen tonight, nobody is safe, so all your favourites need your votes. You can vote once a day for as many couples as you like. Voting closes next Sunday at 6pm and we’ll then reveal the results at 7.30pm. Get voting people!

Cassie 🙂 


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