World Book Day – Strictly Style! 

There’s nothing better than a good book, unless you’re a Strictly fan, in which case there’s nothing better than a Strictly book!

It’s World Book Day today, and my little bookworm Bella has gone to school dressed as another Bella; Bella Jones from the Strictly Books Series.

Whilst looking through her bookshelf the other day, I realised that Bella has a few lot of dance related books, many of which we have read together. I decided to let her take over our blog this afternoon to give a review of some of her favourite dance-related books. Here is what she thought of 4 of her favourite dance-related books:

Ballet Shoes: Noel Streatfield



One of my favourite books as a child, I was over the moon when Bella asked if I could start reading it to her last year. 

Bella says – This story is all about 3 sisters who were adopted as babies and grow up with their Great Uncle Matthew. He is an explorer and disappears one day so they have to be looked after by his niece Sylvia. She didn’t have enough money to look after them so they decided to start learning to dance so they can become rich.

I like this book a lot, as I like the characters, especially Posy, because she is funny. I think if they were on Strictly they would get a 10/10 and this book would too, because it is awesome!

It gets the thumbs up from Bella & a 10/10!

The Dancing Bear – Michael Morpurgo

Bella chose this book from the library because she read the word dancing in the title!

Bella says: This story is all about a girl called Roxy who finds a bear cub who needs looking after. A film crew come to their town one day and decide that they should make the bear dance.

I like this story, but don’t like the bit where the bear dances, because that’s cruel. It was sad at the end because the bear dies when Roxy moves away. It made me cry, so I needed a hug from my mummy. Some of the words were a bit long for me to read, but mummy helped me read it.

I don’t think bears belong on Strictly, but I liked the story apart from the sad bits, so I’d give it an 8/10!

Rainbow Fairies: Bethany The Ballet Fairy: Daisy Meadows

We love the Rainbow Fairies books in our house, especially the Dance Fairies sets. They are really easy for young readers to get into, and Bella absolutely loves them.

Bella says:  I love all the dance fairies and think they should be on Strictly next year! I like this story because they have lots of adventures. Bethany loses her ribbon and her friends help her find it. Jack Frost is very naughty and tries to stop them.

There are other dance fairies, but Bethany is my favourite, because she likes ballet, like me!

I’d give the book and the dance fairies a 10/10 as they are fab-u-lous!

Strictly Come Dancing: Tango Tangle by Chloe Melody


If a book has the word Strictly in it, Bella has to read it! We were out shopping when she spotted this book, and it’s been a favourite of hers ever since she started reading!

Bella says: I really like this story because it’s just like Strictly and the girl in the book is called Bella, like me. Bella is auditioning for a place at the Strictly Dance Academy (I really want to go there!) She gets very nervous but meets some good friends who help her.

I think even a grumpy person like Craig Revel Horwood should read this book because it’s really good and I give it 10/10!

So that’s what Bella thought of some Strictly books we have read! If you’ve read a dance related book, let us know. We’d love to hear from you. You can comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know now. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie and Bella

Chief and assistant Bookworm at the Strictly Support Group


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