Strictly Support Group – Champion of Champions – Week 10!

Happy Mother’s Day! We hope all you mums have been thoroughly treated today as you deserve it.

It’s Week 10 of our Champion of Champions. We’re excited, you’re excited and we think the judges are too (even if they’ve had a bit too much glitter this week) as this picture demonstrates:

Craig: Stay composed Darcey, Stay composed!

Despite the bizarre judge behaviour this week we can now reveal that your votes have been checked, verified and counted by a school of dolphins. They’re as clever as us Strictly Fans and have been on the show before, you know:


Thank you all for voting again. You are truly uh-may-zing. We can now reveal that the couple leaving us with the lowest number of votes this week are series 6 runners up Rachel and Vincent. This is not a bellisimo result!  *Makes a crying noise like a dolphin* 🐬😢 It’s another shock result, yet again! 

Anyway, onwards and upwards to week 10. You can see this week’s dances here:

Once you’ve watched the dances, you know the drill. You can vote once a day for as many couples as you like. Voting will close next Sunday at 6pm and we’ll then reveal the results at 7.30pm. 

Get voting folks! Remember nobody is safe and next week will be a Double Elimination *quakes in her sparkly boots*

 Cassie 🙂 


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