Thought For Thursdays – 💃🏻👰🏻 Time To Talk About Wedding Dances! 👰🏻💃🏻

Over the next few Thursdays we’re going to pause for a thought and invite a small discussion about things relating to dance that we have encountered over the last few weeks. This week we’re talking about Wedding Dances. 

So last week, we were treated to another wonderful video from Kevin and Karen on their YouTube Channel. We have missed their How-To-Dance videos and have to say this Wedding Dance Special was truly brilliant!

In case you missed it, here it is again:

I think you’ll agree it’s not just entertaining but all that a wedding dance should be and much more.

Last week, I was also treated to a sneak peek at my best friend’s first dance! She’s getting married in 2 months’ time and after a dress fitting (Bella is her bridesmaid) took me somewhere where I could see her first dance. 

First dances should always be romantic in my opinion. Part of the romance of seeing a couple take their first steps together as man and wife on the dance floor is magical. When she told me her wedding dance would be on rollerskates, I was curious but also a bit concerned 😱

The expression on my face when I heard about my friend’s wedding dance – a reconstruction!

Rollerskates always make me think of 1980s electro-pop and not a romantic slow dance. My friend admitted to me she’s not the most coordinated person, which set off alarm bells in my head. I needn’t have worried, as fortunately there were no injuries, but the whole experience really surprised me. 

It is choreographed to a slow romantic song and is really beautiful. I love strictly, and having been to many weddings over the last few years, I do love seeing a couple take their first steps as man and wife together on the dance floor. My and My husband’s first dance was a traditional slow number. I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I really enjoyed seeing them skate on the dancefloor together. Yes, it’s not traditional, but the whole idea of a wedding dance is seeing a couple dance together as man and wife for the first time and seeing the love between them as they start on their new life together. This dance did just that, and what’s more, it moved me to tears!

Dance connects with the soul and the important part of the first dance at a wedding is to add to the whole wedding experience. Whether it be traditional, original or unusual, it does not matter. It is something that allows you to remember what should and will no doubt be a magical day!

Here are some of our all-time favourite wedding dances:

Let us know your favourites & we’ll add them to the list ready for Wedding Season. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. We’ll be back next week for another Thought For Thursday Post!

Cassie 🙂 


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