Strictly Support Group – Bella Takes Over (For One Night Only!)Β 

Today, my super Strictly fan, Bella turned 6! For those of you who’ve read this blog in the past, you’ll know she’s the smallest biggest Strictly fan I know.

Tonight, I let her take over our Strictly Support Group for One Night Only. She hosted her birthday chat. We have a feeling a certain judge was grumpy (no surprises there!) Sorry Craig, if your cake didn’t reach you in one piece. You can’t trust Carrier Pigeons these days.


She began her chat by asking this question:

Being six is super and awesome, just like Superheroes. Who are your Strictly Superheroes and what makes them heroes in your opinion?


For Bella, there are 3 superheroes on Strictly, The Cliftons (AKA The Three Strictly Musketeers!) She thinks they are awesome. They have inspired her to learn to dance and in her words “they are superdancers with magical dancing superpowers.” Here are some of her favourite answers of the night:

Being six is super sweet and awesome too! Bella then asked you to tell her your six super sweet moments. Here they are in playlist form:

If you can think of any other dances to add to this, please let us know and we’ll make sure they’re added as quickly as possible.

Bella was well and truly spoilt rotten today for her birthday. She got a real unicorn and lots of sparkly gifts. She asked you to tell her what your dream Strictly related birthday present would be. Here were some of her favourite answers: 

For her next question Bella made a wish. She cut into her unicorn cake and wished that she’d be on Strictly this year! She then asked you to tell her what your wishes for Strictly 2016 would be. Here are some of her favourite answers:

We know that Strictly 2016 will be even more Fab-u-lous than Strictly 2015.

Bella did create the Get the Glitterball to Grimsby Campaign! Hopefully this year it will succeed. *Crosses fingers, legs and toes*

Yesterday, at her party, Bella ate lots of yummy food (including sparkly unicorn cake – with edible glitter!) She asked you for her final question to tell her which snacks remind you most  of Strictly and why? Here are some of the best answers:

After all that chatting, my little Bella was very tired, as it was past her bedtime! She did mummy proud this evening and she says thanks you to everyone who took part in her chat. We hope you enjoyed it.

We’re back on Wednesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz. We hope to see you then!

Cassie and Birthday Girl Bella! 


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