Strictly Support Group – Strictly Come Dreaming (part 2)

What do Craig Revel Horwood, Kara Tointon, A Lift and Pudsey the Dog have in common? Well, they were all in my dream last night. For those of you who follow my blog, you probably know that I have my fair share of bizarre and peculiar dreams. Take This for example!

Last night I had, yet another surreal Strictly dream. It could have been my eagerness to learn which professional dancers would be appearing on the show but it became a bit of a peculiar dream about Strictly 2016.

Firstly, former champions Kara Tointon and Harry Judd returned to the dancefloor, not as dancers this time, but as professionals! They were invited to dance on the show and got to teach some special members of the Strictly family to dance. Harry was partnered with Tess (who looked far too tall next to him) and Kara was partnered with Craig Revel-Horwood who was judged from the other side of the judges desk.

Things quickly became weirder as I realised that all the couples were dancing in a lift! No not performing aerial tricks, but they were performing dances in glass lifts! It was Strictly – The Lift Special. Judging them alongside the other judges was my lovely daughter Bella who was as “impartial” as she could be. She gave Craig a 2 because he was mean to her favourites last year!

You’re not dreaming! Craig really is holding up a 10 paddle.

Things went from the sublime to the ridiculous when the lovely Karen Hauer was partnered by Pudsey the dog (who won Britain’s Got Talent!) My daughter gave them a 10 of course, because in her words they were pawsome!

The dance-off was an even weirder event as the saved couples were lifted up to the roof for the next week where they were treated to fireworks and a cloud of sequins. The eliminated couple (which were Craig and Kara) were left stuck in the lift for 2 days! 

My dream ended quite abruptly as I was told to eat a sequin in order to be part of week 2’s cast!

Well that is my bizarre Strictly dream. Have you had a bizarre Strictly dream too? Let us know by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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