Strictly Support Group Tackles The BBC White Paper!

If you haven’t been living in a sparkly bubble over the last 24 hours, you’d have probably heard the news about John Whittingdale’s White Paper on the running of the BBC.

As a keen supporter of the #saveourstrictly campaign, we don’t want any aspect of our favourite show to change ever! Strictly is the best show on TV and one of the most creative shows ever. It is worth the licence fee alone and nothing can come between us and Strictly.

We read the BBC’s revised mission statement in the light of the White Paper and felt it made for some very interesting reading. In fact, every part of it relates to Strictly in some way, shape or form (be it a sparkly glitterball or a square!) Here are our views on the points raised:

According to the new mission Statement, the BBC should:

1)  Provide impartial information to help people understand and engage with the world around them. Strictly does this to some extent already. The judges provide an impartial commentary on the dances they have seen. This helps us understand the performances and helps us decide week after week who gets our vote. The judges are honest but constructive at the same time. One judge is more honest than others *mutters under her breath Craig Revel Horwood*

We are also treated to some wonderful daily Strictly fixes during Strictly Season from the brilliant It Takes Two team who bring us news and interviews from the training room throughout the show.

2) Support learning for people of all ages. Strictly has got the nation dancing. As a show in the past 12 years it has really given us a dancing bug; in fact so much so that many dance classes are over-subscribed. It has not only got young people dancing, but also got many grown-ups dancing too and has encouraged us to explore new cultural pursuits and activities.

3) Show the most creative, highest quality and distinctive content. There is no show like Strictly! It combines some of the most talented and creative people in the world. Take for example, the wonderful professionals who choreograph some brilliant routines and thrill us week after week with their impressive performances. Also look at the award-winning make-up, costume and hair teams who make the dances come to life week after week and given the time limits create some wonderful pieces of fashion. Take also for example the creative routines we have seen over the past few years such as the Cinema inspired movie-week professional dance. Also, where else on TV can you be entertained by a brilliantly talented live band week after week? They recreate some magical musical moments and add to the whole effect of a creative and entertaining show which is different to its competitors.

Strictly has become THE place for people to show their talent and show that they can make great entertainment. Strictly has also become a worldwide format and phenomenon. The UK version of Strictly Come Dancing has set the standard for other versions of the show worldwide. Also winning an NTA, a BAFTA, TRIC awards and several other awards is testament to the show’s overall strength.

4) Reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all the UK’s nations and regions. Strictly appeals to all ages, all backgrounds and people from many different areas of the U.K. Strictly has also helped forge friendships nationwide. People who may never have met have met and become good friends as a result of Strictly.

So there are our views. We think you’ll all agree that Strictly is the best show on TV and it doesn’t need awards to tell us that. All the BBC White Paper has done is show us what a wonderful show Strictly is. After nearly 12 years and 13 series, Strictly is here to stay in our hearts and nothing can stop that! Tell us what you think of the White Paper. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to tell us. We look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll leave you with a little Bellaism from my 6 year old Superfan this evening:

Cassie 🙂 


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