Strictly Support Group – A Strictly Anecdote For You!

Saturdays in our house are as chaotic as we’d imagine a Strictly live show day to be. My 6 year old Strictly Superfan has her Ballet, Flamenco and Musical Theatre classes followed by Swimming and her baby sister has just as packed a schedule with her baby gym and swimming lessons.

This morning, whilst preparing Bella for her dance classes, Baby Elodie (aged 17 months) decided that she too wanted to go to Bella’s ballet class and asked for mummy to find her Tutu! I quickly found her tutu and ensured they looked like beautiful ballerinas.

What then followed was my 6 year old trying to teach her baby sister some ballet moves! We had “Goo Goes Oreos” (Good Toes Naughty Toes) and some bunny hops! Baby Elodie wasn’t the best student and soon got tired deciding after a couple of minutes to roll around on the floor.

Bella then told me “Mummy, Elodie’s still too little to learn to dance!” I’m not sure Elodie was impressed with this and decided to prove she was ready by following her sister into her ballet class. It ended in tears when she realised mummy hadn’t followed her in, but still goes to show that dance brings people together. It doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are, but there is a budding dancer inside everyone!

Keep Dancing everyone!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


One thought on “Strictly Support Group – A Strictly Anecdote For You!”

  1. Wow! Just reading their schedule I was tired. ha! But that’s amazing that they have those interest already. I did a module in college about movement and how important kids need exercise and I notice even more now that there are so many kids/teens obese. Oh to be a kid without any worries except where is the tutu gone. ha!I want to go dancing now.

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