DiddyDance – A Review

We are all huge strictly fans in our house, and even the smallest member of our household, Baby Elodie is starting to develop a real love of all things dance and Strictly.

Yes, she may only be 18 months old, but last year she was possibly the youngest “Team Jandre” supporter and she watched slept through most of the 2014 final, at only 3 days old.

Watching Strictly last year, we were introduced to Diddy Dance, and the idea was sold to me just like that! I signed Elodie up as soon as she was old enough now, and last week was her first class.

I can honestly say she had the best time. She had the biggest smile on her face throughout the class and loved every minute of it. She loved wearing ballet shoes like her big sister and dancing along to the music. The class encourages music and movement and is a great way of getting tinies interested in Strictly! She wanted to run around a lot during and after the class, so I think quickstep will be her dance, but afterwards she told me “more dancey mummy! More dancey!”

We will definitely be back!

Cassie and Elodie 


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