Reviews – @SianBusby reviews An Evening With Kevin and Karen from Grimsby!

A few weekends ago, we were somewhat occupied with a wedding, but one of our favourite Strictly Professional couples, performed in Grimsby!

The lovely Sian agreed to review the show. Here’s what she thought:

Well, what can I say about an audience with Kevin and Karen Clifton…..quite a lot!

The show kicks off with high octane samba as only Kevin and Karen can deliver. I’ve been lucky enough to see them live before and truly, every performance is mind blowing. The audience erupts and it’s only the first number!  

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton then address the audience and introduce us to the stars of their show, giving us a glimpse into the incredible careers of the professional cast.
Joanne and Giovanni are next on stage with a breathtaking waltz that makes the crowd fall silent!
Patrik and Loren then wowed us with their intensity in a tango, showing their beautiful partnership.

 Kevin and Karen return, with them telling us about their introductions to dance as children, Karen in New York and Kevin with disco in his home town. After a stunning demonstration of said disco skills, the children from the Clifton’s Academy grip the audience with amazing rhythmic routines.

Karen and Kevin then give the Strictly fans a taste of last year’s series with their chacha from movie week, which has the audience singing along.
 Strictly tour dancers Jake and Charlie left the room spellbound with a contemporary piece which not only showcased their incredible talents but their gorgeous partnership!

Another real treat comes in the form of Karen and Kevin’s Flashmob routine which really allows them to demonstrate their skills in a whole different way, their passions and influences. Karen is fierce, Kevin incredible, their characters complete.
We were then treated to the phenomenal world champion competitors once again, as Jo and Giovanni perform their renowned Quickstep and Jive which have the audience cheering and laughing with pure happiness!
And then, the highlight of the night, Mr. Vine (and horse) came back to dance with Karen! The reaction was absolutely brilliant, with so much love in the room for this partnership, friendship and for Jeremy’s words of encouragement to anybody wanting to try dancing for the first time.
 After the interval, Jeremy and Karen splish splashed their way back to a standing ovation for their jive, I particularly enjoy his drunken sailors and sheer showmanship!

 Then came the Glitterball (fish) competition and what a treat it was with a fierce chacha and commanding Argentine tango which won the trophy.

 Patrik and Loren gave the audience a superb mix of laughter and emotion between their jive and tear inducing rumba.

 Charlie created the most moving solo, where she herself was breathless with the emotion of the routine, ending in rapturous applause for the moments she’d just created.

 Then for the most awe inspiring Paso I have ever witnessed! Kevin and Karen leave me in shock with an interpretation of the bull and Matador, so linked as two opposing sides of one story, that I am transfixed for every second. The applause is deafening, the ovation is complete and the emotion is real. Kevin and Karen look shocked as they take their bows, testament to their modesty, touched by the appreciation from the audience of their collective genius.

 The next treat was from Jo and Giovanni in the form of an awesome samba which helps to dry the tears of the stunned crowd as we all clapped along with the infectious beat.

 Jake and Charlie then changed gear again with a ridiculously versatile commercial routine, they are a real delight to see and I can’t wait to see more of them!

 Finally, a rumba, so bittersweet and heartfelt from husband and wife that many tears were rolling down cheeks in the auditorium. I can’t do this justice with words, it has to be seen to honestly understand how the dance envelopes you and makes you feel everything that Kevin and Karen give.

 I really don’t have enough superlatives to describe the joy it is to witness such talent and performance from some of the best in the world!

Thank you Sian for reviewing your Grimsby experience. It truly sounds amazing! *Wonders when the next show will be*

If you’re seeing a #strictly related show soon, let us know! You can DM us on Twitter, or email We’d love to hear from you.

Cassie 🙂 


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