100 Sparkly Days of Strictly – Day 7

Strictly wouldn’t be Strictly without sequins, just like our pre-show preparation wouldn’t be complete without some essential Strictly Snacks.

Yes, we love our nibbles during the Strictly Live Shows and try to make them as Sparkly as possible. In the past we’ve been known to eat glittery shortbread, glittery cookies, popping candy, haribo tangfastics and many other yummy treats, but our ultimate Strictly Snack has to be this *hears screams of joy and surprise coming from her readership*

Yes, it’s a sparkly Glitterball cake! It took some time to perfect, but once it was made it looked just like this one and was truly yummy. In fact, my 6 year old has insisted on me making one every launch show as in her opinion it’s helped her favourite reach the final 3 years in a row! 

One of the great things about Strictly Snacks is that they not only help fuel us during the Strictly Live Shows, but we also can share them and exchange them virtually over Social Media. The best thing about this exchange, is the calories don’t count.

Anyway, we want to see pictures of your favourite Strictly Snacks! Tweet us @scd_support, or comment below. We promise we are willing to share and exchange Strictly Snacks especially where chocolate is involved!


Chocoholic and founder of the Strictly Support Group


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