100 Sparkly Days of Strictly – Day 8

Today marks the start of the School Summer Holidays and whilst many parents start tearing their hair out are enjoying spending time with their little monsters, or off on holidays, we’re seeing this holiday as the countdown to one thing…. The start of Strictly 2016!

We love the summertime and it makes us smile knowing that Strictly is just round the corner. The sun keeps shining, everyone seems that little bit happier, the glitterball is in touching distance and well you get the picture! It got us thinking, what Strictly moment reminds you most of Summer and why?

Well for today’s 100 sparkly days of Strictly, we’d like to see the Strictly moments that come to mind when you hear the word Summer! 

We have chosen this magical Strictly moment from Susanna and Kevin! (*goes off subject* Can we officially name Kevin “King of the Paso Doble” after all his wonderful Paso Dobles especially the Paso at the Strictly Prom the other day?) Here are the reasons why this dance reminds us most of Summer:

1) It was fiery, hot and just full of Spanish flair! There is a Spanish saying that La Lluvia en Sevilla Es una pura maravilla (translated – the rain in Seville is a miracle!) Sevilla has more sunny days than anywhere else in Spain and this dance transported us straight to Seville in the middle of November. It was hot, fiery and reminded us of a Spanish Bullfight. It left us in need of un abanico (a fan) and some sangria to cool us down. Now, where’s that paella gone?

2) It was performed in Blackpool – Ok, admittedly Blackpool doesn’t have the sunniest weather, nor was this dance performed in summer, but Blackpool (and its tower) are not just an iconic dancing venue, they are also a popular holiday resort. Whenever Strictly goes to Blackpool it always reminds us of a Summer holiday (even if it may be in the middle of Autumn!)

3) This dance was so well choreographed, performed and just perfect – We’ve always been big fans of Kevin’s choreography. It excites us and always leaves us wanting to see what routines he’ll choreograph the following week! Seeing Susanna perform this dance and reach the standard she did to perform this made us smile just like Summer days. We love people who have a real journey on the show!

All in all we loved this routine and it will always make us smile no matter what the weather is! It transports us to Spain (via Blackpool) and never fails to remind us of Summer.

What’s your summer choice? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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