Strictly 2016 – What we’ve learnt from Week 1 of Strictly Pro Rehearsals!

Strictly is coming, and we’re not sure about you, but we’re more excited than we are when we start to see the Coca Cola Christmas advert!

This week, Strictly Pro rehearsals started which means it’s officially time to count down to Strictly 2016! There is now less than a month until the Launch Show and we can smell the glitter *starts sniffing around for glitter*

On a more serious note, judging by the week’s tweets, this year’s pro dances are going to be better than ever! #boom. Here are 10 things we learnt this week from the Strictly Come Dancing pro rehearsals.

1) The pros have officially smashed their rehearsals! They are truly uh-may-zing:

2) The group shot taken on Monday just shows us that as well as dancing, this year’s dances will be powered by coffee!

3) This year’s dances will also be powered by cupcake power. Check out these wonderful cupcakes made by @cakegenie, they even lead to Anton donning a pair of shorts 😱

4) We learnt that the pros are working harder than ever *sends them a big hug from us all*

5) As well as working hard, they have taken some time of our their busy schedules to celebrate and look all sparkly:

6) There is a lot of trust and lots of lifts going on in this year’s pro dances *closes eyes in mum mode*

7) The best way to celebrate your anniversary is by dancing with the Strictly pros and having a lovely day! Congrats to Neil and Katya on their 3rd anniversary:

8) Finally, we know that Strictly is one big happy family! We have a feeling that this year is going to be just as epic too, Neil!

So that’s what we learnt from this week of Strictly pro rehearsals! We’ll have more of these coming this series, as well as some little surprises courtesy of my super Strictly fan Bella! Watch this space.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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