100 Sparkly Days of Strictly – Day 19

We love Strictly Fashion and without a doubt would say that the costumes on Strictly are amongst the best in the world. Credit to Vicky Gill and her team who do an awesome job!

In honour of the awesome job they do, we felt it necessary to reveal as part of our 100 sparkly days challenge, your favourite costumes which brought dances to life!

For us, it has to be this one:

Granted, Helen always looked beautiful whatever she wore, but this was for us a “Cinderella moment!” In fact, even my little girl was in awe saying “Wow, she looks like a princess who’s found Prince Charming!”

We love the old-school glamour of ballroom dancing and this costume perfectly captured it. It also suited Helen perfectly and brought their Viennese waltz to life!

We loved this costume and want to hear what your favourite Strictly costumes are. You can tell us by tweeting @scd _support or by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂


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