Strictly – Thought For Thursday

Whilst watching last Saturday’s live show, my little Strictly fan declared that Tameka and Karen were in fact the girls in the emoji! πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸΎ

We β™₯️ emojis & regularly use them in everyday life. Like Strictly and dance, they express sentiments that we sometimes can’t put into words πŸ™Š

During Strictly shows, we go through many emotions from πŸ˜† to 😱 to 😒 week after week. We had a thought, wouldn’t it be great to have an emoji themed show? πŸ™Š

We want to hear which Strictly moments made you feel the following emotions most:




Tell us for a shoutout & we may even make a playlist to help you decide! You can tweet @scd_support or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ‘ΈπŸ»


Strictly 2016 – Our Predictions ahead of week 2!

It’s Tuesday which means one thing during Strictly season…. It’s Tunes on Tuesday time *cheers*

On tonight’s It Takes Two we learnt the dances, the class of Strictly 2016 will be performing this week and also the songs they will be dancing to!

As we will be doing every week this series, we have added them to our Strictly 2016 Spotify playlist. Here’s a link so you can follow and listen to the tunes week by week:

It may be hard for us to predict who will land top of the leaderboard this week, however here are our thoughts on the songs and dances for week 2!

Anastacia and Brendan will be performing a Salsa to Sax by Fleur East!

My 6 year old has nicknamed this couple “Mr and Mrs Sassypants” after their sassy Cha Cha Cha full of attitude last week. We’re pretty sure this Salsa will be just as full of sauce and spice and will suit this couple perfectly! We can’t wait to see Team Sassypants perform again this weekend!

Claudia and AJ will be performing the Waltz to You Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston.

Fact: Neither of these two were born when this song was originally released *feels very old* After last week’s acrobatic Cha Cha, we predict this will be an elegant waltz full of grace and poise! Together these two are such a great match and have good chemistry (as friends) so we think they’ll be able to pull off a beautiful and emotional waltz!

Daisy and Aljaz will be performing a Cha Cha Cha to Forget You by Cee Lo Green.

Last week, she danced an unforgettable waltz to Unforgettable. This week she’s dancing a Cha Cha Cha to Forget You. We spot a theme going on with the song. After a beautifully elegant waltz, it’ll be good to see Daisy let her hair down and perform a Cha Cha Cha. We predict this performance could be truly epic! 

Danny and Oti are performing a Viennese Waltz to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS

Danny has the dance ability of a pro dancer. Oti’s choreography is amazing and we predict this Viennese Waltz will truly wow us. We cannot wait!

Ed and Katya will be performing the Charleston to the Banjo’s Back In Town.

Hands up if you’d never heard of this song before! πŸ™‹πŸ»

Admittedly, we hadn’t either but it’ll make a great Charleston. Ed is working hard and doing his best. He has truly embraced Strictly by the glittery horns. His performances will always be the most eagerly anticipated of the week. We cannot wait to see this performance on Saturday. Team Glitterballs have my vote no matter what happens.

Greg and Natalie are performing the Tango to Jump by Van Halen!

Greg, the Long Jumper will have to jump in this performance. We’ve never heard this song used for a Tango before, but are sure that Natalie will choreograph an awesome routine which will impress us. For a tall man, Greg is very very light on his feet and has a focus that will suit the Tango’s character perfectly. We cannot wait to see this dance either!

Judge Rinder and Oksana are performing American Smooth to Marvin Gaye

Last week, the Judge surprised us with his ability and performance skill in the Cha Cha. This is a very interesting choice for an American Smooth and it’ll be great to see him in hold!

Laura and Giovanni are performing a Waltz to If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys

If this dance doesn’t make your eyes leak there’s something wrong with you. Laura showed us great potential last week in the Cha Cha Cha and we predict she’ll be a real contender for the glitterball this year. We think GIovanni will be singing along in rehearsals 😘 and predict this will be a beautiful performance.

Lesley and Anton will be performing a Cha Cha Cha to Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

We predict this will be a classy Cha Cha Cha which we cannot wait to see. Lesley has a lot of energy, so we think her Latin dances will be great!

Louise and Kevin will be performing a Viennese Waltz to Hallelujah

We’ve always wanted a dance to be performed to this, it’s one of our all-time favourite songs. Last week Louise spun around so fast in the jive we think the Viennese waltz will be no problem, especially with Kevin as her teacher. It may even top the leaderboard!

Melvin and Janette are performing the Tango to Moving on Up by M People

Another unusual but interesting song choice. We felt Melvin was undermarked last week, so think this song is appropriate as he can move up the leaderboard. With Janette as his teacher he’s in very good hands. Her choreography is always imaginative and original.  Can he perfect the aggressive Tango look? We think he can! His performance last week was awesome. We can’t wait to see his Tango face this week! 😠

Naga and Pasha are performing a Cha Cha Cha to A Fool In Love by Tina Turner

Naga admitted before dancing the waltz it was her least favourite dance. It is nerve wracking performing in front of a live audience, but Pasha is the perfect pro to calm her down. We think this dance will be cheeky and can’t wait to see it! 

Ore and Joanne are performing a Cha Cha Cha to Hot Stuff by Donna Summer!

This guy can dance and Jo’s choreography is always imaginative, playing to her celebrity’s strengths. We predict it’ll be an awesome performance which may top the leaderboard!

Tameka and Gorka are performing the Charleston to Yes, Sir she’s my baby!

As an actress, Tameka is great at performing a character and we feel she’ll capture the spirit and character of the Charleston perfectly. We loved Gorka’s  Paso Doble choreography last week, so can’t wait to see his efforts with the Charleston this week!

Will and Karen will be Jiving to Rock Around the Clock

Will can dance and we think the Jive will be a great 2nd dance for him. He has one of the best teachers for Jive of the pros and from the looks of It Takes Two tonight, he has been working hard and sweating a lot  This can only be a good sign. We can’t wait to see him do a more cheery dance and think this will suit his happy character!

So there are our thoughts on the week 2 dances. Who can’t you wait to see take to the floor this week? Tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2016 – Photos and GIFs of the Week!

There’s nothing we love more about Strictly, than a funny GIF or a photo!

Well every week we’ll be sharing one photo and one GIF that for us sum up the weekend’s show!

Firstly for our photo of the week…

Nothing captures the drama, power and passion of this Paso Doble more than this shot. My 6 year old now thinks that Gorka is magical because he can fly. Credit to the awesome Strictly photographer who took this picture. Whoever they are they deserve a glitterball in our opinion!

Our GIF of the week this week is this moment from Judge Rinder and Oksana!

Yes, he attempted Craig’s spins and did a pretty darn good job at it too! No courtroom dramas here, just ballroom brilliance! We loved his commitment, energy and predict he will go a long way in the competition.

What did you all think? Do you have a favourite picture or GIF moment from Strictly week one? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best Bits πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ¦„πŸ’ƒπŸ»

If there’s anyone in my house who loves Strictly as much as me, it’s my 6 year old Bella. For months she has been begging mummy to let her write about Strictly on the blog. I have been extremely brave and will be letting her tell us her best bits from every week of Strictly! Here are her top 5 6 moment (because she’s 6 she tells me she needs 6 moments) from Week 1 of Strictly (in her own words!)

6. Judge Rinder and Oksana’s Cha Cha Cha

I really liked this dance because he came out and performed with lots of energy and looked like he was having so much fun. I also like his shirt because it has sparkly bits all over it. He also tried to copy Craig Revel Horwood and do lots of spins and did a really good job of it too. I think he’s very funny and I can’t wait to see their next dance!

5. Tameka and Gorka’s Paso

She is the emoji lady! πŸ’ƒπŸΎ I think the Paso Doble is very hard because you have to look grumpy all the time. When you’re on Strictly that must be really hard because you’re having so much fun all the time. She did a very good job as she’s an actress and she can pretend to be anyone – even the emoji lady! Gorka is also magical, because he can fly!

4. Louise and Kevin’s Jive

I really liked this dance. Kevin always does the best choreography. It looked like a lot of fun and I loved the outfits too. It was really really really fast and Louise kept up with him very well too. He’s got to three finals and I think he could get to the fourth. I’d like him to win it, so I’m going to ask mummy nicely if she’ll let me vote for him lots!

3. Will and Karen’s Tango

Strictly really saved the best till last last night! I loved this dance and Karen was also the Emoji lady. I think they should do an emoji theme week! πŸ™„πŸ’ƒπŸ»

I don’t think they should play chess again because it’ll make them angry and I don’t want them to fall out because that’s not very nice on strictly people are supposed to be friends. Will is a very good dancer and if he can do this in week 1, I think next week he deserves a 10!

2. Ore and Joanne’s Tango
I know Len didn’t like the dance because it had fun bits at the beginning, but I thought this was good. Tango doesn’t always have to be angry, you can have a lot of fun too. I think Ore should get extra points because he rode his bike without stabilisers on Strictly! I liked the story of the dance and think it was a bit like a fairy tale too!

1. Daisy and Aljaz’s Waltz

Daisy is a princess. She bathes in glitter and even looks like a princess too! When I grow up I want to be like Daisy. I thought this dance was magical and looked like it should have been in a Disney film. I felt sad for Daisy because her grandad died. She can share my grandads with me if she likes! I loved it and thought it should have got a 10 from the judges! 

So there you have it, Bella’s top dance picks from the weekend! 

She’ll be back next week telling us her favourite Strictly moments of week 2! 

Thank you Princess Bellaboo! 

Love from Mummy.

Strictly 2016 – Week 1 – Show 2 – Performance Review

Corkers, Cha Chas and Chess!

Tonight we saw the remaining 9 couples take to the floor to show us their first dances! There were surprises and an overall air of awesomeness! Here are our thoughts on each dance for you to peruse:

The evening began with a lovely, lovely group routine featuring young dancers, more mature dancers and our wonderful pros! Seriously, we have never seen so many people on the floor and it had an air of loveliness that only Strictly could produce. My 6 year old has now made it her ambition to appear on Strictly next week! πŸ™„

We were then treated to a truly awesome Jive from Kevin and Louise! Kevin is the King of Jive and gave Louise a truly challenging routine with wonderful choreography which she mastered! They were fast, fab-u-lous and fantastic. In our opinion, they deserved a 9! Our judges awarded them a very impressive 31/40! Craig Revel Horwood even got his 8 paddle out *asks a nurse to take his temperature*

Next up were Melvin and Janette who took us to Mexico for a Carnival of a Cha Cha Cha. It was a lot of fun and even though we needed our sunglasses to watch it as Melvin’s trousers were that bright, we loved it. OK, it wasn’t technically perfect but he put his all into the performance and we do love people who put their heart and soul into a dance. They also had a piΓ±ata on stage with them! It deserved at least an 8 from us. Our judges awarded them 22/40 (including a rather low 4 from Craig Revel Horwood – now that’s more like Craig’s usual scoring)

We were then treated to an unforgettable waltz from Daisy and Aljaz. We learnt that Daisy was dancing this dance in memory of her Grandad who passed away on her first day of Strictly. *Sends her a virtual hug through her computer.* The dance was truly beautiful and had an ethereal quality. It was filled with emotion, elegance and made us blub like a baby it was that good. In our opinion they deserved a 9, our judges awarded them the highest score of the night 32! I’m not one to compare dances, but my husband did point out that her dance reminded him of another great first dance, Abbey and Aljaz’s dance in 2013.

Danny and Oti then wowed us with a wonderful Cha Cha Cha. It was such a good dance, we thought we were watching two professional dancers perform and not a pro and a celebrity. Oti’s costume gave us serious dress envy. He deserved a 10 in our opinion. The judges awarded him a respectable 31/40.

Next up were Tameka and Gorka, or as my daughter now knows her…

They were dancing a Paso Doble which was entertaining, full of drama and worth the licence fee alone. We also got to see Gorka do the impossible. He can fly!

On a more serious note, we loved the performance and their partnership. In fact, we cannot wait to see this couple progress in the competition and see what other dance delights they will treat us with. In our opinion it wasn’t just a corker, it was  truly increΓ­ble! They deserved a 9 in our opinions. The judges awarded them 26/40!

We then got to see Anastacia perform Cha Cha Cha with Brendan! It was a dance filled with attitude and sass and suited Anastacia perfectly. We did get a little emotional and agreed with her that the band do an awesome job. We have to take a moment to appreciate the fringing on her outfit and also her ability to do the splits! Wowsers! 

Team glitterballs (aka Ed and Katya) then took to the floor with an endearing and adorable waltz. Len stated Ed sums up what Strictly is all about, and we couldn’t agree more. His costume has now meant I’m going to have to keep my husband’s shirts out of reach of my 6 year old who is determined to put glittery stickers all over her daddy’s shirt colours. In our opinion he deserved a 7, our judges awarded him 21/40, which we must point out is still a respectable score for week 1!

Our penultimate couple of the night were the youngest couple of the competition, Claudia and AJ. They performed not only a precise, but an acrobatic Cha Cha Cha which impressed us at home. The judges felt there were a few too many tricks but we disagreed and thought the whole thing was adorable and lovely. In our opinion they deserved a 9! Our judges awarded them a respectable 26/40!

Strictly really saved the best till last in our opinion. We were treated to Will and Karen‘s Bowie inspired Tango. It was full of agression from the start (performed over a chessboard. Monopoly would have caused the same level of agression in our house) and had so much power and drama. My 6 year old (a huge Clifton fan) did say Mummy Karen and Will Slayed like BeyoncΓ©! (She’s been spending too much time with her auntie!) but I agree. They did an awesome job to finish the show and deserved a 10 in our opinions. The judges gave them a very respectable 30/40!

So that ended week 1. We can honestly say this has to be the best first week of performances ever. The standard this year is so high, the competition could be anyone’s! It sure will be hard to say goodbye to someone next week.

At the end of the night, we were left with a glittery sandwich on the leaderboard. Daisy (the girl who bathed in glitter) was at the top and Team Glitterballs were at the bottom! 

There’s no official vote this week, but we’d still like to know who were your favourites. Simply vote in this poll to tell us:

You can also comment below or tweet us @scd_support to let us know. Bella will be revealing her favourite dances on Monday as part of Bella’s Best Bits. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2016 – Performance Review – Week 1 (Night 1)

Frogs, Flamboyance and Feathers

After what has felt like months of waiting, tonight we sat down to watch the eagerly anticipated first live show at Strictly and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

After watching the opening titles we realised that this year’s Strictly class of 2016 look set to be the best class yet and the competition will be closer than ever!

Tonight we were treated to 2 Cha Cha Chas, 2 Waltzes, a Tango and a Jive!

The show opened with Laura and Giovanni who performed a polished and fun Cha Cha Cha which had a lot of content. It also featured Giovanni wearing part of a tree in his hair (as my 6 year old cleverly pointed out!) we thought it was fantastic and deserving of an 8 at least. Our judges awarded them a respectable 25/40!

Next up were Naga and Pasha who performed an elegant, graceful and emotional waltz. We must point out we want Naga’s dress, it’s gorgeous! It had us blubbing on the sofa like a baby. This girl takes instruction from Pasha really well and is determined to do well, so we predict she will go far. In our eyes, it deserved a 7. The judges awarded them 23/40.

We were then surprised by Judge Rinder and Oksana who entertained us in dramatic style with their courtroom Cha Cha Cha. This guy has great rhythm and energy. The judges told him he put the boy in flamboyant. We agree. It was the surprise performance of the night for us (and the judges) and earnt them 25/40 too.

The legends that are Lesley and Anton took to the floor with an endearing and emotional Waltz to the Birds of a Feather theme. They are two legends who dance brilliantly together and as a partnership were born to dance together. We want to be able to dance like Lesley when we’re in our 70s! Yes, the nerves may have made her shoulders raise up, however there is a big height difference between her and Anton. We were impressed and in our opinion they deserved a 7. The judges awarded them 23/40.

Ore and Joanne then performed an adorable Tango which featured a bicycle, balloons and a park bench! What more could you ask for? It had great storytelling and the Tango part was brilliantly choreographed and performed. Ore is a serious contender and we predict this couple will go all the way to the final! From us they got a 9, our judges awarded them 27/40.

For our final dance we saw what was quite possibly the best week 1 Jive ever, from Natalie and Greg. It was fast, had big jumps, great footwork and lots of content. For a tall man, Greg pulled this dance off brilliantly and his performance was polished and technically excellent! It was so good it left us speechless and we thought they should have got a 9, our judges awarded them 27/40! It also saw Darcey compare him to a blue frog!

We personally don’t see the similarity!

The standard has officially been set for Strictly 2016, and we feel it’s going to be the best Strictly ever. The class of 2016 are born to dance and we predict anyone could lift the glitterball!

After tonight who were your favourites? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We’re back tomorrow from 6pm tweeting along with the 2nd live show! Hope to see you then.

I’ll leave you with these pearls of wisdom from my 6 year old:

Kids really do say the funniest and most adorable things. 
Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2016 – Our predictions!

With less than 6hrs until strictly is back on our screens, today we’ve been peering into our sparkly crystal Glitterballs to predict what may happen!

Although it’s highly unlikely this will happen…

we have a feeling that Len will give out a sev-ern to one or more of our couples!

What do you think will happen tonight? Just vote in this poll below before 9pm tonight and if at least three of these predictions come true we’ll select one of our lovely followers to win a prize!

Get voting people! Join us from 8.30pm tonight for a pre-show chat and some fun on our Twitter pages! It’s going to be a truly fab-u-lous Friday night!


Strictly Support Group – Keeping you informed throughout Strictly Season

Strictly is almost upon us and less than 24 hours away *squeals and dances her socks off*

As you know, we do keep the fun going throughout Strictly Season as well as during the dull and glitter-free months and this year have some wonderful plans for you all!

Not only will we have weekly chats and will be tweeting along with the live shows and results show, but we’ll also have lots of other fun activities to keep you going.

We’ll have weekly quizzes (as usual) and my little Strictly fan, Princess Bella will be taking over our blog every week to reveal her best bits (which will no doubt feature glitter, sequins, unicorns and her favourite professionals!) We’re calling it Bella’s Best Bits.

We’ll also have polls and games every week and will be peering into our Crystal balls and asking you to give your predictions for each show. 

Finally, in the run up to Christmas we’ll have a super sparkly advent giveaway! There’ll be daily prizes as well as the chance to win a sparkly goodie bag at the very end.

Keep dancing and we hope you enjoy our fun. If you have any other ideas for what you’d like to see as part of the Strictly Support Group’s Strictly season fun just tell us and we’ll include as many as we can.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2016 – Our Thoughts On The First Dances!

On Wednesday, we learnt the dances and songs our fab-u-lous fifteen couples would be dancing to in week one of our favourite show! 

There’s a huge sense of anticipation in the air and we cannot wait. We’ve had time to review the song choices and dances. Here are our verdicts on what we predict will be the most amazing first show ever!

Anastacia and Brendan – will be cha-cha-chaing to Lady Marmalade (from Moulin Rouge!)

We predict this will be a performance full of attitude and sass! We can’t wait to see it and are pretty sure it will light up the dancefloor. Dare I say it, we may even see Craig smile? 😱

Claudia and AJ – Will also be cha-cha-chaing to What makes you beautiful by One Direction

They’re young, a pair of pocket rockets and are definitely appealing to the younger audience (including my 6 year old) with this dance. She will certainly pull off the acrobatic tricks, so we predict this could be a showstopper of a performance. It may even get Bruno so excited he could fall off his chair!

Daisy and Aljaz – Will be performing a Waltz to Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

We love a good ballroom routine to a classic song. We have a feeling this will be an unforgettable, classy, elegant and beautiful performance. This pairing ooze glamour and style. Dare I say it, it may even get a 10 from Len!

Danny and Oti – Are Cha Cha Chaing to Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

When I first heard this song, I pictured it being used on Strictly for a  Cha Cha Cha and I was right. We feel it’s a great song choice and watching this couple in training they have been working hard. We predict this will be a great first routine for them and will set them up as contenders for the glitterball!

Ed and Katya – are Waltzing to Are you Lonesome Tonight? by Elvis

If Ed Balls dancing to an Elvis song dressed as the King, I will eat my hat! On a more serious note, we predict this will be a very endearing performance which will set Ed as the people’s champion of 2016. It’s going to be epic!

Greg and Natalie – are Jiving to Get Ready by the Temptations.

He knows how to jump and is super fast for someone so tall. From his training video he looks light on his feet and as a sportsman we know he will train hard. We predict great things and think this will be an amazing dance for him.

Judge Rinder and Oksana – are Cha Cha Chaing to Mercy by Duffy.

Forget the dance, what we want to see is what the judge has to say to the other judges after his dance!

Laura and Giovanni – are Cha Cha Chaing to Venus by Shocking Blue!

These two looked awesome in practice and as a strictly superfan, we predict Laura will go far and this dance will definitely show us her full potential.

Lesley and Anton – are waltzing to the Birds of a Feather theme tune!

We’d love to see Lesley dance this in character as Dorien Green. She has so much energy, we can’t wait to see her perform more routines. Despite the height difference in practice she looks good.

Louise and Kevin – are Jiving to Jump, Jive and Wail!

He is the King of the jive and if you’re going to start on strictly, Jive is a great dance to start with. We predict she will have rhythm as a musician and from the look of things in practice, Kevin is challenging louise with some super fast choreography! They look good. Len may even get out his 8/9 paddle!

Melvin and Janette – are Cha Cha Chaing to Loco in Acapulco by the four tops

He has great rhythm and hip action 😍 Janette’s choreography is always imaginative, creative and original. We have a feeling they’ll smash it and team jboom will perform a routine that is da boom!

Naga and Pasha – are waltzing to Run to you by Whitney Houston.

BBC Breakfast presenters have a great history on Strictly and from the looks of their training Naga is doing a great job! This dance is sure to make us well up with emotion *grabs her glitterbox of tissues in advance* We cannot wait. 

Ore and Joanne – are tangoing to Geronimo by Sheppard

Their training footage looks brilliant and Ore can move. We are sure he will be a contender and with a wonderful pro like Joanne looking after him, he’ll definitely go far!

Tameka and Gorka are doing the Paso Doble to. Espana Cani y Viva Espana.

We love this partnership and are sure they will go far with their personalities. It’ll be great to see a dance other than a Tango, Cha Cha, Jive of Waltz in week 1 and we can see that as an actress Tameka will perform a brilliant Paso Doble. With Gorka there to help her, we’re sure it’ll be a brilliant performance.

Will and Karen are Tangoing to Just Dance by David Bowie

If anyone can pull off a David Bowie song, it’s these two. From rehearsals they look powerful and strong. We can see that they will definitely go far (my 6 year old has already told me she’s voting 700 times a week for them!) We can see this will be a dramatic performance which we and the judges will love!

What do you think of week one’s dances? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Strictly Support Group – A Pre-Strictly 2016 Chat

There are now just 6 more sleeps until Strictly is here. If you’ve encountered traces of glitter on the streets near you, we apologise, it’s probably the remnants of our glittery outburst earlier! We cannot wait, so tonight in preparation for Friday we hosted a Strictly 2016 themed chat.

We began our chat by asking you who will you be rooting for this year on Strictly? You gave us some wonderful answers. Here are some of our favourites:

For our second question, we asked you to tell us who has impressed you from the training videos so far? We had some great answers. The general consensus was that:

Have impressed you the most so far.

For our next question, we remembered this wonderful dance from last year:

We then asked you to tell us the dance you thought would be THE dance of 2016!

For our next question, we reflected on the fact that it’ll be Len’s final series. *sobs thinking of a pickled walnut-less future* We asked what will Len’s time on Strictly be best remember for in your opinion?

For our penultimate question, we asked you to tell us who you think will surprise you on Strictly this year. Here were some of your suggestions:

For our final question, we asked you to tell us the three words you think will sum up this year’s Strictly. We had some wonderful suggestions. Here are our favourites:

That ended tonight’s chat! Thank you for you all for taking part. If you didn’t get a chance to join in this week, don’t worry. You can still take part by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below.

We’re back on Tuesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz. It’ll be a game of Strictly Trivial Pursuit! Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚