Strictly 2016 – The Launch Show – Our Verdict

For many years we’ve always talked about taking a voyage to planet strictly! Well tonight, the wonderful folk at Planet Strictly brought Strictly back down to earth with the best launch show ever!

We got to see our uh-may-zing strictly cast of 2016 paired up with their new professional partners. Don’t they all look fab-u-lous?

We were treated to some awesome music (with great performances from Olly Murs and Rebecca Ferguson – get them both on Strictly 2017!) and brilliant professional dances, as well as the first ever group dance of 2016!

We learnt that Claudia Winkleman drives the starship strictly  and has extremely impressive gymnastic skills. She also likes long jumpers *gulp*

We learnt that Craig is really Darth Vader!

We also learnt that the pros are stored safely for 8 months before being regenerated ready for the next series!

We also learnt it would be Len’s last series *sobs before pickling her walnuts*

We also got to see the couples paired together when there was a game of blind date. First to be paired up were:

Louise and Kevin – Kevin was over the moon (as were we! My inner 10 year old self would be squealing and jumping up and down.) She said she wanted someone patient and she has got a great partner in Kevin.

Naga and Pasha – Carol told her “make sure you’re paired with Pasha”, and her Strictly dreams came true. Together they look great and we have a feeling they have a lot of potential. She plans to embrace all things strictly, which is always a brilliant thing.

Anastacia and Brendan – #teamdancestacia needs to get trending. These two will be a fiery and amazing partnership. Brendan was happy to be paired with Anastacia and she was over the moon to be paired with him!

Laura and Giovanni – Together they look like a fierce partnership. My little 8 year old niece also commented that the Irish and Italian flags look similar so they’ll be a winning partnership. 

We then heard Len compare these 4 partnerships to Muesli! It reminded us of this moment

We then met the first 4 boy who met their strictly teachers

Melvin and Janette – Together they are a pair of pocket rockets. Melvin has great rhythm and together we think they’ll go all the way to planet strictly (and back) with the glitterball.

Greg and Natalie – We now know that Claudia likes a long jumper 👕. Together they look awesome and sportsmen always do well. We think they could go all the way and lift the glitterball too. He also has the cute factor with the most adorable baby *gets very broody*

Judge Rinder and Oksana – He’s been learning Russian and is one of our favourite contestants. His dry humour and wit always make us laugh. We can’t wait to see what he has to say to Craig! He won our award for quote of the night for his I’ve never been this nervous meeting a girl before!

Danny and Oti – Oti wins the award for the best reaction ever. She was over the moon to be paired with Danny. We’d have felt the same way and together they make a great partnership!

We then met the pros and got to do the conga *shimmies along* and were treated to the awesome Team Jaliona jive before being introduced to the next couples:

Daisy and Aljaz – We learnt that Daisy has bathed in glitter everyday since she found out she’d be on Strictly. She likes to challenge herself creatively, but admitted that she does like to dance, but is slightly clumsy. Together with Aljaz they are a match made in heaven. They look like a prince and princess and have become my 6 year old’s early favourites (the bathing in glitter thing had Daisy sold to her!)

Claudia and AJ – They’re young, adorable and teeny! They make us feel extremely old and like proud mums. They made us want to hug the TV and we’re willing them on to do well.

Tameka and Gorka – We love Tameka and her love of all things Strictly! We’re looking forward to the “what a corker, Gorka!” jokes and think that together they’ll be truly awesome. She has great natural rhythm, lots of confidence and could go all the way.

Anton and Lesley – Lesley is the oldest female contestant on Strictly ever. Her energy is admirable and we think it should be bottled up and sold. She has been paired with the legend that is Anton and we would love them to do really well!

Ore and Joanne –  Ore has the moves! He has great rhythm and as my little girl said “Team Jore will be Ore-some!” Together they look brilliant too. We can’t wait to see them perform together. 

Ed and Katya – Watching the peek into the group dance rehearsals, we saw these two together and they looked like they were a great match. We have started an Ed Balls for the Glitterball campaign. Politicians always win us over with their pleas for votes, so even if his dancing doesn’t impress, we think he’ll do well.

Will and Karen – Have been nicknamed “Team Koala” due to Karen holding onto Will when they were announced. He admitted he wanted to start a #helpwill campaign. Karen is a great teacher and will help Will come out of his shell. We have a feeling they’ll be contenders for the Glitterball!

At the end of the show we were treated to a wonderful group dance which we can honestly say has been the best group dance ever. Everyone showed potential and we now have 15 favourites for the Glitterball! We were left grinning like a Cheshire Cat & smiled so much at tonight’s events our cheeks hurt!

So , who are your favourites?

Tell us by voting in this poll below. Voting will remain open until the final, so you can vote once a day for as many couples as you want:

So for now, we have another 3 weeks until Strictly returns on the 23rd September. All we can say is we know it’ll be epic!

Cassie 🙂 


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