Strictly 2016 – Week 2 Performance Review

Pandas, Anton’s Trousers and Charlestons

Earlier tonight, the fab-u-lous fifteen couples took to the floor for the second time in what was a mammoth Strictly Show!

Tomorrow night we will have to say goodbye to one couple. We wish that everyone could stay, as we love them all and it seems far too soon to be saying goodbye to someone. Many couples upped their game. There were injuries and changes to choreography but all in all it was a fab-u-lous show!

The show opened with Ore and Jo who became firemen for a day and performed a very hot Cha Cha Cha. It was smoking and they opened the show up warming up a cold evening with a sizzling dance. Ore’s performance ability is brilliant and we feel this will get him far. The judges awarded them 27/40 (which my little girl pointed out was 3 9s (999.) In our opinion they deserved a 9!

Next up were Claudia and AJ who performed a romantic, elegant and fluid Waltz which truly lit up the ballroom. We loved Claudia’s dress, as did many of you, and loved AJ’s inventive choreography. The judges awarded them 27/40 and in our opinion, they deserved a 9 too!

Third up tonight were Will and Karen with a fifties inspired Rock and Roll Jive! We loved the feel of this dance and thought they captured the spirit and feel of the dance perfectly. Karen’s choreography was inventive and challenging for Will and he did very well. The judges had a bit of an argument over the performance but we disagreed. Will also pulled a muscle, and we wanted to #helpwill from home. The judges again awarded them 27/40. In our opinion he deserved a 9.

Lesley and Anton then took to the floor with a cheeky Cha Cha Cha! We must make a point that Anton’s trousers stole the show (once again!) We’d love a pair of trousers like those from Santa for Christmas *adds to her Christmas list* We admire Lesley’s energy and how she commits to a character in every dance. Technically it wasn’t perfect but in our opinion she deserved a 7! Our judges awarded her 26/40. We also thought Anton’s trousers deserved 40/40 themselves!

Greg and Natalie then took to the floor for their Tango, to a surprising song choice (Jump by Van Halen.) The choreography was good and the costumes left us green with envy. Greg’s stick-out bum did become a bone of contention with the judges. We really enjoyed the dance and loved Greg’s focus and agression in the dance. In our opinion, he deserved an 8, the judges awarded him 26/40.

We were then taken on a trip to the seaside with Tameka and Gorka and their fun Charleston. Tameka, as an actress, does really well in the character driven dances, and this was no exception! It was truly awesome, entertaining and epic! We love this partnership and can’t wait to see what other dances they have up their sleeves. They deserved a 9 in our opinion. The judges awarded them a well-deserved 30/40!

Laura and Giovanni then wowed us with a beautiful, elegant waltz which made our eyes ever so slightly leaky. It was gorgeous. We really do love Giovanni’s choreography and the dance he choreographed suited Laura’s strengths perfectly. In our opinion it was worthy of a 10. Our judges awarded them 32/40.

We took a trip from the seaside back to a hotel next, for Melvin and Janette’s Tango. Janette’s choreography is always inventive and Melvin perfomed with agression and passion. It wasn’t the best technically, but he gave his all and improved a lot from the first dance. In our opinion it was worthy of a 7! The judges awarded them 23/40.

Next up were Louise and Kevin with a beautiful Viennese Waltz. The Team Louvin (as they are known) Fist Bump has become a thing in our house now, so whenever they perform we give a fist bump. Once again, Kevin’s choreography was inventive, original and played to Louise’s strengths. It was beautiful, fluid and elegant and the whole dance got us in a whirl. My 6 year old was super quiet whilst watching this dance she enjoyed it so much. The judges awarded them 32/40. In our opinion, they deserved a 10!

Anastacia and Brendan then performed a sassy Salsa. We learnt that she had an accident in rehearsals and they had to change the choreography at the last minute. Anything like that would normally shatter a person’s confidence, but team Sassypants (as they’re known in our house) or Team Latinastacia performed brilliantly and deserved an 8 in our opinion. The judges awarded them a disappointing 22/40.

Next up was the most eagerly awaited dance of Strictly 2016, from Ed and Katya. Yes, Team Glitterballs performed a Charleston. Most of you agreed that it was worth the licence fee alone. It was pure entertainment and Ed did a spectacular job. He is what strictly is about; trying your hardest and embracing all that glitters. We loved it and felt it deserved a 9. The judges awarded him a respectable 23/40!

Naga and Pasha then channeled Tina Turner for a Cha Cha Cha full of attitude. Naga looked gorgeous and we loved her dress and hair! The dance itself was good and Naga performed it with great rhythm. We really enjoyed it, but once again felt that nerves got the better of her. We awarded her an 8. The judges awarded her 21/40.

Judge Rinder and Oksana then performed the most adorable American Smooth ever. My 6 year old has decided that should she ever perform an American Smooth, she wants to perform it to this song and wearing Oksana’s dress. We loved it. This guy can dance and can perform. We predict he will go very far. We gave him a 9. 

Our penultimate couple of the evening were Daisy and Aljaz who performed a cheeky Cha Cha Cha which was as cute as cherry pie! It was precise and another brilliant performance from Daisy. We did love the choreography, the outfits and felt it deserved a 10. The judges had a dispute about a ‘lift’ and awarded her 30/40. We must also point, there was a panda in their training room. If you want to get our votes, put a panda in the room. 

The final couple performed the dance of the night in our opinion. It was Danny and Oti with a Viennese Waltz which had a great story behind it. It had passion, agression and romance all in one. It was truly wonderful and this moment from it, has to be our GIF of the week:

In our opinion, he deserved a 10. Our judges awarded him a very well deserved 32/40!

At the end of week 2, we had Louise and Kevin and Danny and Oti in the top spot with Team Glitterballs at the bottom. 

Who were your favourites this week? Comment below to let us know or tweet @scd_support. 

We’re back tomorrow from 7.15pm for the Strictly results show. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂


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