Strictly 2016 – Farewell to Team J Boom

We always knew the first elimination on Strictly 2016 would be hard, especially when we love all of this year’s cast.

After a brilliant week 2, tonight we said farewell to Team J Boom, aka Melvin and Janette. It was always going to be hard to say goodbye to someone (can’t they all stay?). Given the circumstances, we know health does what come first and we  hope that Anastacia is OK as that injury sounded painful.

Janette and Melvin have made us smile with their infectious smiles & fun routines over the past few weeks. We’re sure they’ll remain friends for life.

Not only did they dance, but they brought us the Team J Boom dab:

They helped us make our very first GIF:

And they brought us two awesome routines which had energy, lots of content and great dancing! Their strictly journey may have been short but sweet and we’d have loved to have seen them stay on in the show for a few more weeks, but we’ll always remember them for these two awesome dances.

We’d like this post to become a tribute to them. Comment below with your messages of support for them before Thursday. We’d also like you to help us make a little video. Send us your Team J Boom Dabs before Thursday & we’ll make a video to send to Janette and Melvin!

Cassie πŸ™‚


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