Strictly 2016 – Farewell Team Tamorka

We have to say that this year’s standard is so high that every week’s results show will be a shock, but tonight we had another shock when Tameka and Gorka’s Strictly journey came to an abrupt end after going head to head with Laura and Giovanni in another shock dance-off. 

Over the past few weeks we have seen Tameka’s passion and joy for dancing. As an actress she put her all into all the dances she was given and gave us performances which really wowed us. We have a soft spot for Gorka but their partnership and friendship has been lovely to watch and we will miss seeing them on Strictly.

They also gave us one of our pictures of the week:

My little girl has decided that she is going to sit and watch all of their dances every Saturday so it’s like they’re still on Strictly. Good plan Bella!

Here are Team Tamorka’s best bits in picture form:

The lovely Jake Wood tweeted these words which are so true:

We’d like this post to become a tribute to Tameka and Gorka. Comment below with your messages for them & we’ll make sure they see them.



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