Strictly 2016 – Week 4 Performance Review

There’s a new Jive King in town

Tonight saw the couples take to the floor for the 4th time, with the noticeable absence of one pro, Will, who has withdrawn from the competition. #weloveyouwill

Tonight was a night of Rumbas, Quicksteps, Foxtrots, Charlestons and Salsa, An eagerly anticipated Paso Doble, a Jive and the first three tens of the night!

Here’s what we thought of each performance:

Greg and Natalie’s Salsa – The Salsa has to be the most dangerous dance on Strictly. We’ve had 2 injuries so far this year from a salsa, Greg’s wrist being one of them. The pair of them got the party started with a superb salsa with brilliant lifts, great choreography and full of spice! In our opinion they deserved an 8, our judges awarded them 28/40

Laura and Giovanni’s Quickstep – We loved the rock’n’roll feel of this dance. It was edgy, super fast, furious and fab-u-lous. Laura should also win a glitterball for having the cutest pet dog, who happens to be called Mick Jagger! Giovanni always choreographs innovative and exciting quicksteps and this dance was no exception. We felt they deserved a 9, the judges awarded them an impressive 33/40

Anastacia and Brendan’s Rumba – She looked hot (and has officially become one of our girl crushes) and the choreography from Brendan played to her strengths. She has gorgeous arms and it was by and large a beautiful Rumba. In our opinion she deserved an 8. The judges awarded them 27/40

Claudia and AJ’s Foxtrot – We weren’t sure of the song choice for a Foxtrot at first, but loved the theme. It was set in a school and the pair of them looked like prom king and queen. The judges commented it was a bit american Smoothish, but we really loved it. It was gorgeous and we thought they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 30/40

Ed and Katya’s Paso Doble – Ed sums up what Strictly is all about. He is loving learning to dance. Admittedly he may not be the best dancer, but he puts his all into every routine and that showed in this dance where he threw everything he had into his Paso Doble. Yes there were errors, but we still enjoyed it. It deserved a 6 in our opinion. The judges awarded them 16/40

Naga and Pasha’s Charleston – This was by far Naga’s best dance. She was a mermaid and truly embraced the character of the Charleston. My lovely 6 year old said “Naga was a great mermaid, she was mermazing. Mermaids love swimming but dancing is hard for them. She did a very good job!” I couldn’t agree with her more. In our opinion she deserved an 8. The judges awarded her 24/40

Louise and Kevin’s Foxtrot – Kevin’s choreography is always brilliant and excites us. His foxtrots are always exquisite and this was no exception. In fact, we struggled to pick one GIF of the week the whole dance was amazing. Louise’s confidence is growing week by week and this dance was stylistically and choreographically excellent. We gave her a 10. The judges awarded her 33/40

Danny and Oti’s Quickstep – This was a dance of flair that Fred Astaire would be proud of. It was exceptional and we were surprised he didn’t get a 10. He did however earn a respectable 36/40 from the judges. In our opinion it was perfection summed up in a dance.

Daisy and Aljaz’s Rumba – Let’s face it, Daisy could look gorgeous wearing a Bin Bag. Her dress was beautiful and the dance overall was fluid and beautiful. Rumba is a hard dance for anyone to do well. It was a dance that I felt happy letting my 6 year old watch. I think there’d have been tears if I didn’t let her, but we really enjoyed it. She deserved a 9 in our opinion. The judges awarded her 31/40

Judge Rinder and Oksana’s Viennese Waltz – We love Judge Rinder & thought this dance was charming. He can dance and is a born performer. We thought he deserved a 9. The judges awarded him 27/40

Lesley and Anton’s Charleston – Take a moment to appreciate this woman is 71 and has more energy than me! I want whatever she’s on. Her timing and dance skill were impeccable. She was perfectly matched with Anton and the whole routine was very impressive, granted that she didn’t have much time to train this week. She got a 9 from us. The judges awarded her 31/40

We then had the Performance of the night from Ore and Joanne who performed a perfect Jive! Ore has a unique ability to pick up a dance style and a feel for a dance. His performances come across as natural and not forced. His technique is brilliant and we loved it. Luckily the judges saw the same as we saw too, and awarded them 39/40. Yes, you wait 4 weeks for a 10 and 3 come at once. It got us so excited, this happened: 

So that ended what was an awesome night! Who were your favourites tonight? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Strictly 2016 – Week 4 Performance Review”

    1. Our thoughts too. Jo & Ore’s Jive was phenomenal and really deserved the score it got but we felt Danny & Oti deserved at least a couple of 10s too. *eats hat once again before realising she needs to go hat shopping*

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