Strictly 2016 – Farewell to Naga & Pasha

On tonight’s Strictly results show we said farewell to the mermazing Naga and Pasha.

They made our picture of the week this week

but sadly despite my efforts to call the mermaid population of the world using SONAR, it wasn’t enough to save them as they were eliminated from the competition. *apologises profusely to her little 6 year old who is very unhappy that they have gone home*

Over the past few weeks we have seen Naga grow in confidence as a dancer. Together with Pasha she has made so much progress she has dazzled on the dancefloor like a shimmering glitterball.

We have already said this week that we love everyone on this year’s Strictly and we will really miss Naga and Pasha on the show. She always oozed elegance & we’d have loved to have seen her perform an American Smooth.

Here are their best bits in picture form:

We’d love this post to become a tribute to Naga and Pasha. Comment below or tweet @scd_support with your message of support for them below. We’ll make sure they see all your messages.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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