Thought for Thursday – What makes a πŸ”Ÿ performance

A very rare sight! Yes, Craig Revel Horwood really does have a 10 paddle

Last Saturday we saw a Strictly first, the highest ever score awarded in week 4. Yes, Ore and Joanne were awarded not one, not two but three tens and an impressive 39/40 for their Jive! We saw the first 10s of Strictly 2016 and had to apologise to our neighbours for screaming so loudly (admittedly she was so concerned when she heard our screams that she rushed over to make sure we were ok!)

When it comes to giving out tens, we know that some of the judges are more generous than others. Some look at the technique and the overall content of the dance. Some look for the performance value and some seek perfection. It got us thinking, what makes a perfect πŸ”ŸπŸ’ƒπŸ» performance?

For us, great technique and execution alone don’t just score a πŸ”Ÿ in our book. The dance does not have to be perfect but there has to be an element of showmanship. For us, a dance deserves a 10 when it becomes one of those perfect strictly moments where choreography, song choice, costume, performance and storytelling all come together to give us goosebumps! 

For us, that happened twice on Saturday, during Danny and Oti’s quickstep *stomps feet that they didn’t get a ten and remembers she needs to go hat shopping to replace the one she ate* and during Ore and Joanne’s truly awesome Jive.

Both these performances not only had challenging choreography which the celebrities mastered but they also were exquisitely  danced to the extent we couldn’t tell the pro from the celebrity. The speed at which they danced made them fly across the ballroom floor (as Bruno would say if they were driving on the M1 they’d get a speeding ticket!) and both pro and celeb were so well matched in their dancing, credit has to go to their amazing professional partners Oti and Joanne for their great teaching of the technique of each dance.

Both dances also were performed brilliantly. Danny captured the role of conductor and looked just like Fred Astaire quickstepping around the Strictly ballroom floor. Ore has a unique ability to be able to capture the character of any performance and make it his own. They are both born showmen and brilliant at storytelling. It comes as no surprise as Danny is an actor, but Ore is a Sports Presenter (so not really used to performing.) That made Ore’s 10s even more deserving in our opinion. He is doing something out of his own comfort zone and he is pretty good at it too!

Strictly wouldn’t be strictly if it wasn’t for the live band and singers, the fabulous costumes and hair and make-up. On saturday night they did an awesome job of bringing all the music to life as always.

I’m going to single out Ore’s song choice and the 1960s theme. As soon as we heard this was going to be the song he and Joanne would perform a Jive to, we were extremely excited. In our opinion, Ore’s personality fitted the song choice perfectly and the band and singers did an amazing job of performing this song (as they did others throughout the night.) 

The costume in Ore and Joanne’s dance had a 60s feel. It was simple and made us concentrate more on their dancing than the outfits and hair (as some did on Saturday night.) For many celebrities this could have revealed many dance  disasters, but in this performance it helped us see what an uh-may-zing dancer Ore has become.

In our opinion both these dances on Saturday night deserved 10s for many of the same but also different reasons. One dance did achieve them and deservingly so, whereas the other did not (and may receive a ten this week!) Tens are earned through hard work as well as committing to a character and giving us entertaining performances. Judges will award 10s for different things. Some look at the choreography and technique whilst others look at the overal performance value. Some judges are harder to please than others but ultimately it is us the viewing public whose votes count the most.

What makes a 10 performance for you? Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Thought for Thursday – What makes a πŸ”Ÿ performance”

  1. You’re spot on: it has to be goosebumps! A perfect combination of partner chemistry, flawless footwork and pure performance. The music, the choreography, the story-telling…but not too much farting about. Danny and Oti had it for me on Saturday. Camera shots must play a part for us at home too though and maybe some routines don’t translate as well as they appear in the studio, hence the discrepancy sometimes.

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