Thought for Thursday – A Themetastic Thought for the Week!

This Saturday we’ll see the Strictly 2016 cast take to the floor for what looks set to be a spooktacular Halloween special.

Yesterday we asked for your opinion as we asked this question..

It’d seem that the majority of you love them but there are some people who are undecided and not so keen on them.

We love nothing more than a good theme week. They showcase the immense ability and talent of all the strictly team from the Strictly Professional Dancers and their brilliant choreography, to the Hair, Costume and Make-up team who bring dances to life. We mustn’t also forget the brilliant Band, Singers and Backstage team as well as the celebrities who work hard to impress us and the judges week after week.

Theme weeks are always an opportunity to wow us and for Strictly to put on a show. This year we’ve already experienced a truly awesome Movie Week show, where although the celebrities and pros performed some impressive routines (deserving of 10s in our opinion) the judges failed to agree and didn’t give out a 10 throughout the night. 

Some may argue that every week Strictly puts on a show, but theme weeks always go the extra mile with the Strictly team. Many of the most memorable performances come from theme weeks. Take for example Jay and Aliona’s epic Jive last year, or Frankie and Kevin’s Wicked-inspired Halloween Tango!

Both these dances did score 10s but they weren’t just technically perfect but portrayed the theme perfectly. They will always be remembered for their brilliant storytelling and for us they were just as good as performances on a West End stage. Aliona and Kevin also managed to keep the feel for each dance without losing the style they were dancing which made them even more impressive. Yes, they did have a Pulp Fiction/Wicked flavour but they didn’t lose the technique or feel of the Tango/Jive.

Overall, we love theme weeks. We like how they add a different flavour to the dance. We don’t like it when a theme takes over a dance (which I’m sure many of you would agree with!) but do like the dances to entertain and wow us.

What do you think? Do you love theme weeks? Would you like to see a different type of theme week. Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂


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