Strictly 2016 – Our Week 7 Performance Predictions!

Oh My Glitterballs, we are now at the half-way stage of Strictly 2016 and yesterday evening we learnt the dances that the remaining 9 couples will be performing this Saturday! 

We’ve gazed into our Crystal Glitter Ed Balls and here’s what we think of the dances each couple will be performing and what we predict will happen:

Claudia and AJ will be dancing the Paso Doble to ‘Shut Up And Dance’ by Walk The Moon – We get it, they’re young, so give them a “current hit” to perform to. We remember the pros performing a dance to this song last year which was truly epic. We did think at the time it would fit a Paso Doble or a Tango very well so it’s good to see Strictly are using less traditional music when it comes to choreography. 

We can’t wait to see these two perform as they are becoming true contenders for the Glitterball. We have a feeling their Paso Doble will be truly fierce. It may even (hopefully – *nudges judges*) earn them their first 10 of the series.

Daisy and Aljaz will be dancing the Viennese Waltz to ‘Daisy Bell’ by Harry Dacre – Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do! Having recently started a Save Daisy campaign we can’t wait to see Daisy Viennese Waltz to this song. 

It is a stroke of genius from the Strictly Producers and we think it is a very appropriate song for them. We have always loved watching this pair in Ballroom routines. Together they ooze elegance and class. We have a feeling this could be their best dance yet and could save her from the dance-off for the third week in a row.

Danny and Oti will be dancing the Jive to ‘Long Tall Sally’ by Little Richard – My is this song fast! This year Oti’s choreography has been truly brilliant and being able to see her push Danny with challenging dances has been refreshing. We have a feeling this will be a supercool Jive. It could even earn him his first 10s of the competition.

Ed and Katya will be dancing the Quickstep to ‘Help!’ by The Beatles – Ed is dancing to “Help!” By the Beatles. We’re not sure whether this may encourage the judges to join in and help him with his posture and dancing. If it does, this could be an entertaining routine. Ed’s Charleston was great fun, so it’ll be good to see him perform a fast dance again. No matter what happens, we are sure this will be an entertaining performance which will win us over & get us voting like crazy. We’d love to see Ed get to Blackpool (come to think of it we’d like to see everyone get to Blackpool!)

Greg and Natalie will be dancing the Viennese Waltz to ‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Grace – We love this song and love this couple. After a rocky reaction from the judges to their Rumba last week, we have a feeling they will go down the traditional but edgy route with their choreography in this dance. We can’t wait to see it. Natalie’s ballroom routines are always exquisitely choreographed and we have a feeling they will leap up the leaderboard with this routine!

Judge Rinder and Oksana will be dancing the Quickstep to the Chantz Powell version of ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)’ – Judge Rinder is becoming another of our favourites *realises she loves everyone this series* It’ll be great to see him perform a quickstep to a “non-gimick” song. We’re sure this will have all the flair of Fred Astaire (not Fred Flintstone) and we seriously hope he puts some tap dance in there somewhere. It’s going to be epic!

Laura and Giovanni will be dancing the Samba to ‘Bamboleo’ by Gipsy Kings – Last time a Samba was performed to this, it was Natalie and Artem who performed an epic routine back in 2013. Watching Laura’s tango last week we know she has a true fighting spirit and although Samba is a very difficult dance, we have no doubt that she will perform this brilliantly! Giovanni’s choreography is always innovative and makes you want to join in at home, so we think we’re going to love this dance.

Louise and Kevin will be dancing the Argentine Tango to ‘Tanguera’ by Sexteto Mayor –The first Argentine Tango of the series *prepares herself to get goosebumps* The song sounds epic and traditional, Kevin’s choreography is always brilliant and it’s an Argentine Tango, what’s not to love? We hope Louise can channel the drama of the Tango as if she does this could be the dance of the series so far!

Ore and Joanne will be dancing the Salsa to ‘Turn The Beat Around’ by Vicki Sue Robinson – Ore’s natural rhythm and a classic tune will fit perfectly with this dance. It’ll definitely get our Strictly Party started at home. After a slightly disappointing Charleston last week, we cannot wait to see Ore come back fighting and having fun with a true party dance.

So that’s what we think will happen this week. Whose dances are you most looking forward to see? Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. 

Cassie 🙂


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