Thought For Thursday – It’s all about being popular!

We are now at the half-way point of Strictly 2016 and for starters we can hardly believe how quickly this series has gone by already. This year’s class of Strictly celebrities have been the best yet for us, and we love every single one of them (even those who have gone home already!)

Despite our love for absolutely everyone, some couples have found themselves in the dreaded dance-off (some have been there more than once.) It got us thinking, what makes us vote for certain couples and what makes a partnership popular?

To begin with, it’s all about having chemistry with your partner and getting along! The Strictly matchmakers always do a brilliant job pairing the celebrities and pros together, and you see friendships which last much longer than their time on Strictly. We have even seen relationships and a wedding too! Of all the couples in this year’s line-up we can see that all the couples get on extremely well and we’re sure they will remain the best of friends long after the show finishes.

A crowd-pleasing routine will always get the public voting whether it’s perfect or not. All the professionals are superb choreographers and they create imaginative and original choreography for their celebrities week after week. I am going to single out one professional, who we are big fans of in our house, Kevin Clifton! He managed to survive a whole 2 series and 6 weeks of a 3rd series without being in the dance-off. In our book that has to be a strictly record. Yes, he is a likeable chap, as well as a brilliant and lovely teacher who knows how to choreograph to his celebrity’s strengths, but he also creates routines which get us wanting to join in at home (and more importantly vote!) 

The British Public also love an underdog. You don’t have to be the best dancer to go far on Strictly. If some of the judges are feeling exceptionally grumpy and give you low points for a routine where you have tried your best, the British Public will vote. Take for example the lovely Ed Balls. He may not be the best dancer, but he is giving his all and fully embracing the mad world of Strictly. We have fallen in love with him and really look forward to his performances week after week. He has created many a magic moment on the dancefloor which has left us beaming with delight (and voting for him like crazy people!)

We have seen many a report recently that your performance position can in turn affect your popularity and how people vote. People all want to be in the “pimp slot” – the last slot, as this will certainly make your performance more memorable to the viewing and voting public. Most of the time Strictly do “save the best till last” and we always are left ending the night on a high. We found an interesting graph that the clever people @keepdancingpod had made up earlier, which made for some very interesting analysis:

So that’s what we think helps you in the popularity stakes. We do cast votes equally for every one of our couples. What makes a Strictly pairing popular in your eyes? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look froward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


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