Strictly 2016 – Week 7 Performance Review!

Bonfire Night always promises to be full of surprises and spectacular displays and tonight’s Strictly did not disappoint. It had more twirls and spins than a Catherine Wheel and left us beaming with delight. My little girl declared it her favourite Strictly show ever! Here’s what we thought of the performances tonight!

The show kicked off with Danny and Oti performing a fast and furious Jive. Danny did look like a smart Danny Zuko and lead us to search our cupboards for our pink ladies jacket. My little girl commented that Oti looked like a Christmas tree, but the performance got the party started and for us was the best Jive of the series. It was technically and stylistically accurate and was super cool. Week after week Danny and Oti amaze us with their performances. Danny looks like a professional and we love what they bring to the show. They even became our GIF of the week. Please don’t try this at home, you could cause yourself a nasty injury!

We gave it a Strictly 10, the judges gave them 38/40 and their first 10s of the series!

Next up were Daisy and Aljaz who performed a Viennese Waltz. The whole dance was themed around a flower stall and performed to “Daisy Belle” (whoever chose the song for them this week deserves a medal!) It was bloomin’ lovely overall. Aljaz’s choreography was traditional but had some lovely original bits (including them dancing Viennese Waltz whilst pretending to be on a tandem bike! We love watching Daisy in ballroom. Together with Aljaz they ooze style, elegance and class. In our eyes this dance was perfect and deserved a 9.5! The judges gave them 34/40!

We then went on a trip to Cuba with Ore and Joanne who performed a spicy salsa! We were treated to our first quote of the night as Jo told Ore he looked like a cute little jellyfish! The choreography was challenging and Joanne put some risky lifts which goes to show how trusting she is of Ore. The dance had a true party spirit and got us dancing along at home! We thought they deserved a 9, the judges awarded them 34/40!

Next up were Ed and Katya who performed a Quickstep to “Help” by the Beatles. It was time for quote 2 of the night where Ed said he told his family he was off to work every Saturday morning. We love Ed and love how he has truly embraced the Strictly Bug. He tries hard and is improving week after week. We’d really love to see him get to Blackpool. This quickstep was no exception. It was full of great choreography and we loved the whole silent movie characterisation and storytelling in the dance. In our opinion it was worthy of a 7. The judges gave him 27/40.

It lead us to ask this question:

Next up were Laura and Giovanni who were performing a Samba. This had to be the fastest Samba in the history of Strictly ever. Laura coped very well with the choreography that Giovanni gave her. Like Len we would have liked to have seen some Batucadas in the routine but overall it dazzled and shimmered on the dancefloor. In our eyes they deserved an 8, the judges gave them 32/40.

Judge Rinder and Oksana then took to the floor with a Quickstep. Over the weeks we’ve loved Judge Rinder grow as a dancer. He has turned his hand to any dance and is really good. This dance was no exception. It had style, flair and panache and he looked like Fred Astaire up there. The judges criticised his facial expressions, but for us these just show how much joy he gets from dancing (like he said.) We gave him a 9, the judges awarded him 33/40.

Next up were Louise and Kevin with an Argentine Tango. Yes, the first Argentine Tango of Strictly 2016. It did not disappoint and gave us goosebumps. The choreography was challenging and Louise proved that she could do dramatic and passionate as well as happy and smiley! Her progress as a performer and a dancer this series has been incredible. We loved it and gave her a 10. The judges gave them 39/40 (the joint highest score of the series!) 
Our penultimate couple to take to the floor were Greg and Natalie who performed a Viennese Waltz. We learnt Greg had been getting dizzy in training so brought his baby in to training *cute baby alert.* Natalie’s choreography has always been beautiful and this year she is excelling herself. The Viennese Waltz choreography was sublime, the music was beautiful and the dancing was brilliant. The whole dance was beautiful. In our eyes they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 32/40
Our final couple to take to the floor were Claudia and AJ who were performing a fierce Paso Doble. We never thought a pink costume or a modern song would work with the Paso, but it did and the whole dance was brilliant. We loved the choreography and thought together they were on fire. We thought they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 33/40!

So that ended a fab-u-lous night of dancing. Everyone was so good, we don’t want to say goodbye to anyone! Who were your favourites tonight? Tell us by voting in the poll below.

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the Strictly results show. We hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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