Strictly 2016 – Week 8 Performance Review by Bella (aged 6 1/2) πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Tonight, I bravely let my little Strictly Superfan take over our twitter feed and give her verdict on Week 8 of Strictly 2016. If there’s one thing she loves to talk about, it’s Strictly. She’s as funny as Claudia, more honest than Craig Revel Horwood and tonight she put on her sparkly Strictly dress to tweet along with the live show! Here is what she thought about the show and each of the performances.


Tonight was a really magical Strictly show. It was more magical than my unicorn Samba and I loved it! I’m not sure if the judges really know how to dance yet, because they’re not very good when they enter and I think they only deserve a 6!

Tonight I really loved all the outfits, especially Louise, Oksana, Claudia and Natalie who all looked like princesses in their outfits. They were beautiful.

The show started with Daisy and Aljaz’s Salsa. I’ve always liked Daisy because she said she bathed in glitter when the show first started. I really liked this dance too. It looked a lot of fun and they had really bright clothes on too. I started dancing along at home.

I wasn’t happy when Bruno said that he wanted to see the dance again, because I don’t want Daisy to be in the dance-off. I voted lots for her, so I hope she’s safe. I gave her a 9, the judges gave her 31/40 (my mummy’s age!)

Next up were Greg and Natalie who were performing a Paso Doble. In the Paso Doble, you’re supposed to be really grumpy, so I was surprised they didn’t invite Craig Revel Horwood to their training session. The dance was powerful and very very dramatic. It had lots of turns and twisty bits! I really loved it. My mummy went really quiet but I gave her a cuddle and some tissues and she was fine. I gave them a 10! The judges gave him 31/40 too *stomps off angry at their scores.*

Judge Rinder and Oksana then danced a beautiful Foxtrot. I really like Judge Rinder, he seems really sweet and I think I’d like to dance with him because he has a lot of fun. This dance was really lovely too. I thought it was more magical than my unicorn! I thought they deserved a 10. The judges gave them 33/40. I like Judge Rinder lots because he answers Craig back when Craig is being horrible!

Ore and Joanne were next with their Rumba. Mummy doesn’t normally let me watch Rumbas but she let me watch this one. We found out that Ore was having problem sstroking Joanne’s face. He needs to pretend she’s a cuddly toy, then he won’t struggle. They danced to a song called Ordinary People, but I thought they were extraordinary. Their dance was more awesome than a pack of Oreos. Mummy cries just as much as Ore and got a bit teary eyed. I think Santa should bring them a box of tissues for Christmas. I gave them a 10, the judges gave them 35/40!

Next up to dance were Ed and Katya who performed a Salsa to Gangnam Style. It was a lot of fun and made me smile a lot. He did the lifts really well and the horsey bits! I was very quiet but I did say “Oh My Glitterballs, Team Glitterballs!” I was a bit unhappy that Craig gave him a 4 as I thought it deserved a 7. I’d like to see Craig do a Gangnam Style dance-off with Ed next week, as I think that’d be a lot of fun. The judges awarded him 25/40!

Claudia and AJ then performed the most beautiful Viennese Waltz ever. She looked like a princess out of Frozen, AJ was her prince and they twirled around and round the floor. It was really magical (and it made my mummy cry, again!) and I loved it. I really wanted her to get a 10, but the judges were feeling mean and only gave her 36/40!

The penultimate couple (mummy taught me that word) to dance were Danny and Oti. They were performing an Argentine Tango. They were really really fast and the dance was truly fab-u-lous! I think they must have eaten their greens before they danced their tango because it was a real Mango of a Tango! I gave them a 10. The judges gave them 38/40.

The final couple to perform were Louise and Kevin. They were dancing an American Smooth to a song called Hey Big Blender! It had a lot of feathers in it. I was worried Louise might fly away at first, but the dance was very glitzy and sparkly and glamourous! It was truly fab-u-lous and I loved it. I gave them a 10. The judges gave them 37/40.

Overall I think tonight was the best Strictly show ever. I don’t think anyone should go home tonight and they should all go to Blackpool. I even wrote Strictly a letter last week:

Who were your favourites tonight? Tell me by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. 

I’ll be back on Sunday from 7pm (it’ll be past my bedtime but don’t worry, I’ll have a nap in the afternoon) tweeting along with the results show. I hope to see you then.

Lots of love and unicorn cuddles from 

Princess Bella of Unicorn Castle!


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