Strictly 2016 – Our Blackpool Week Predictions 💃🏻🍭🏖🍭💃🏻

It only feels like yesterday we were preparing to watch all the couples perform their very first dances, and now we’re in week 9 of the competition and we’re off to Blackpool! Strictly is seriously flying by faster than the Big Dipper races round the tracks and we cannot wait to see what magical moments await for us in the home of ballroom! 

Earlier tonight we learnt the dances that the magnificent seven couples will be performing this weekend! We know that live TV can be unpredictable but here are our predictions ahead of this weekend’s live show and what we think of each of the dances:

Claudia and AJ will be performing a Jive to “Hey Mickey!” – If they don’t dress as cheerleaders and shake their pom poms we’ll eat our baseball caps! It is the law. On another note we’re looking forward to see Claudia perform the Jive. She’s fast, light on her feet and can certainly pull off lots of tricks. Although we’d like to see some gymnastic tricks we’re hoping they don’t take away from the Jive content. Jives at Blackpool always entertain us and we’re sure this will be spectacular!

Danny and Oti will be performing a Charleston to “Puttin’ On The Ritz!” – Danny has proven he sure can dance! This song is super fast and we’re loving Oti’s choreography this year. As a partnership they are always exciting to watch and we think they could go all the way to the final. We love the Charleston and after seeing Danny’s quickstep we know this routine will be truly fab-u-lous!

Ed and Katya will be performing a Jive to “Great Balls of Fire!” – Last week we predicted this would happen:

Now it is happening in Blackpool, we cannot wait! Forget the Gangnam Style Salsa this will be the dance to watch (for all the wrong reasons!) We love Ed and he really makes us smile no matter what dance he performs. Technique is not everything. He embodies the spirit of what Strictly is all about. Even if it is his last dance this weekend, he will definitely go out on a high and will be remembered for his memorable and unforgettable performances!

Greg and Natalie will be performing the Quickstep to “Hand Jive!” – As an athlete we’re sure Greg has the stamina and athleticism to perform an impressive quickstep. Natalie’s choreography is always imaginative and original and plays to her celebrity’s strengths. We predict lots of hops, skips and jumps (as well as the odd hand jive) in this routine! We’re sure it will be truly brilliant!

Judge Rinder and Oksana will be performing the Salsa to “Spice up your life!” Ok, so Oksana will have to be Baby Spice, but which spice will Judge Rinder be? We’re sure this Salsa will be full of Spice and sass. We love Judge Rinder’s love and joy at learning to dance. His Foxtrot last week even melted the coldest hearts. If you don’t like this performance, there’s something wrong with you!

Louise and Kevin will be performing the Paso Doble to “Explosive!” – 3 years ago Kevin choreographed a Paso Doble for the Blackpool floor which broke records and was so dramatic it made Eastenders look like a comedy! Kevin is the king of the Paso Doble. Having seen Louise’s Argentine Tango which was full of drama we’re pretty sure that this routine could be the dance of the night. It could even score our first perfect score (40 of the series) – if Craig is in a good mood! We have to say, although it’s not traditional, the music sounds incredible for a Paso Doble!

Ore and Joanne will be performing the Viennese Waltz to “That’s Life!” – We have never ever thought of this song as a Viennese Waltz song, but hearing it we now realise that it’d fit perfectly. Joanne’s choreography is always imaginative and suits Ore’s strengths perfectly. We love Ore’s natural musicality and his ability to connect with every dance he performs. We have a feeling this dance will be full of Hollywood glamour and hope it scores him the odd ten or two! 

Overall we’re sure this Blackpool special will be bigger and better than ever! We cannot wait until Saturday.

If you want to get in the Strictly spirit before Saturday’s show, just click on this link below to listen to our Spotify Playlist. It has all the tunes from this series of Strictly:

We’d also like to hear whose performances you’re most looking forward to and who you think will excel in Blackpool. Tell us by commenting below or tweeting @scd_support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


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