Strictly 2016 – The Magnificent Sev-ern Head to Blackpool! 🏖🍭💃🏻🍭🏖

Tonight the magnificent sev-ern hit Blackpool for a truly brilliant night in the Tower Ballroom! We packed our buckets and spades and headed to the seaside (well almost!) to watch a spectacular show.

It was a night of firsts:

Claudia’s first trip to Blackpool

Joanne’s first performance at the Tower Ballroom with a Celebrity on Strictly

And we also had the first perfect 40 score of the series for Danny and Oti with their wonderful Charleston!

Overall it was a brilliant night of dance and was even better than we expected. Here’s what we thought of each of the dances, performance by performance!

The show opened to what can only be described as the best group dance ever! It was performed to One from a Chorus Line (one of our favourite musicals) and was full of class, glitz and glamour! Just like Strictly. We loved it and it set the tone for the evening ahead.

First up to perform were Claudia and AJ who performed the fastest Jive ever to Hey Mickey! They were cheerleaders and the routine had so much energy and joy. Week after week we will Claudia and AJ on to do well. They are truly adorable. It was a shame that there was a slight slip in the middle. The choreography was fast and fantastic and overall we thought it deserved a 9! The judges awarded Claudia 36/40.

Next up were Ore and Joanne they were performing a Viennese Waltz to “That’s Life!” It was a routine filled with glamour and glitz. Joanne looked gorgeous, just like Marilyn Monroe and her choreography had so much movement and coverage across the floor as well as the longest fleckerl ever! The dance itself was beautiful. We thought they deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 38/40!

Louise and Kevin (AKA The King of Paso) then took to the floor with a fiery and dramatic Paso Doble! Kevin’s choreography every year excites us and his paso dobles are the stuff of legend! This was truly powerful routine with beautiful choreography. Louise was on fire and matched Kevin perfectly! (it was lovely to see Karen dancing in the background to!) We hoped they would get 40/40, the judges also awarded them 38/40!

Danny and Oti then wowed us with a wonderful Charleston. Week after week Danny amazes us and looks like a professional on the floor! Oti’s choreography is challenging and their performances are always imaginative and brilliant! We loved the whole dance and awarded them a 10! The judges agreed with Craig finally pulling out his 10 paddle (yes it does exist!) and awarding them 40/40!

Ed and Katya were next to entertain us with a truly unique but amazing Jive! We love Ed and he always tries his best. He really does deserve his place in the competition. It wasn’t technically perfect but it filled us with joy! We loved it and thought they should get a 7. The judges awarded them 23/40 (including a 4 from Craig!)

The penultimate couple of the evening were Greg and Natalie who performed a quickstep. We learnt that Natalie was struggling to keep up with Greg in training (he was dancing so fast!) It was a dance that made us smile and was fast, fun and fab-u-lous! We thought they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 32/40!

The final couple to take to the floor were Judge Rinder and Oksana. They were performing a spicy Salsa! He had brilliant hip action and their outfits made us feel like we were at a carnival. He performed the choreography brilliantly. We loved the whole routine as it filled us with joy! In our opinion he deserved a 10. The judges gave him 33/40!

So who were your favourites tonight? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the results show.

Cassie 🙂


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