Strictly 2016 – 💃🏻 Week 10 Performance Review! 💃🏻

Strictly always amazes us week after week and tonight was no exception! It was a night of firsts with the very first Cha Cha Challenge and the first perfect score (ever!) for a Samba! It was a truly brilliant night of performances and exquisite choreography from the Strictly Professionals who really upped the game and gave their celebrities challenging choreography. Here’s what we thought of each performance, dance by dance:

Danny and Oti’s Samba

First to take to the floor this week were Danny and Oti. They were performing a “tribal and jungle” style samba. When we heard the words jungle our eyes lit up and we could not wait to see what magic Oti had choreographed. We love Oti’s creativity and this dance was testament to her impressive choreography skills. Danny has impressed us week after week and this dance proved his impressive skill, it looked good enough to be one of the professional routines we see on Sunday’s results show. We loved it and were so pleased when they were awarded 40/40 (not least because it meant we didn’t have to roar like this at Craig!)

Ore and Joanne’s Paso Doble

The two happiest and sweetest people on Planet Strictly tonight had the task of performing a Paso Doble. We loved Joanne’s choreography and it was really good to see an agressive performance from the pair of them. We have a feeling they may have had a falling out over a game of air hockey, given the setting of their dance. The choreography was innovative, and just like her brother, Joanne produced a beautiful Paso Doble. Ore performed the dance brilliantly, and we had hoped it would also get four tens. The judges were feeling less generous, awarding him a total of 36/40. It also led us to ask you this question:

Louise and Kevin’s Waltz

We love a bit of Buble, and Kevin from Grimsby choreography with Buble combined is true magic. Yes, we’ll admit it, we did blub like babies watching their waltz. It was truly beautiful and very fitting to the music. If you didn’t cry there was something seriously wrong with you! The pair of them shone like stars on the Strictly dance floor and it made us feel all warm and fluffy inside. We thought it deserved a 10, the judges awarded them 39/40! (Craig obviously didn’t feel the same way as us!)

Judge Rinder and Oksana’s Rumba

We learnt that this was a tribute to Oksana as a teacher, more than a romantic rumba. We love the Judge and his partnership with Oksana. This dance was an adorable and heartfelt Rumba. The storytelling was very emotional and moved us. The song was far too slow for a Rumba, but Oksana gave the judge some beautiful choreography which he danced very well. In our opinion he deserved an 8, the judges awarded him 29/40.

Ed and Katya’s Tango

The anticipation of watching this couple week after week is the stuff of legend! It’s something we look forward to. Ed embodies all that is brilliant about Strictly. Yes, he’s not the best dancer, but he knows how to perform and entertain. He was channeling Zoolander in this dance and it was a lot of fun to watch. It may not have made Mr Grumpy (Craig) smile, but it did make us smile. We thought it deserved a 7. The judges awarded him 23/40.

Claudia and AJ’s Argentine Tango

We love Argentine Tangos and this specimen was no exception to the rule. The choreography was sharp, and had the perfect balance of tricks and steps. Together they smouldered on the floor and the lifts were truly exquisite! We even picked one as our Strictly GIF of the week, it was that good:

We really felt the dance was worthy of tens, but the judges disagreed and awarded her 36/40!

Cha Cha Challenge

Yes, in past years the couples have heard, rehearsed and practised their steps for the swingathon, waltzathon, quickstepathon etc. This year we learnt that the rules had changed in so far as they had not heard the music before. It was just like a latin competition! We saw impressive steps from Claudia, Ore, Danny and Louise and some interesting steps from Ed!

The judges chose this as the order:

6th – Ed

5th – Judge Rinder

4th – Claudia

3rd – Ore

2nd – Danny

1st – Louise

This then left Danny and Louise tied in 1st place, with Ore in 3rd place, Claudia in 4th, Judge Rinder in 5th and Ed in 6th!

My little girl did make me smile when she declared “Ed and Katya didn’t come last mummy, they came 6th (which is better than last!”

And that ended tonight’s show. We’d love to hear who your favourites were tonight. Just vote in this poll below:

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm, tweeting along with the live results show. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 


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