Strictly 2016 – Photo, GIF and Caption of the Week – Musicals Week Special!

Saturday was musicals week *jazz hands!*

Those of you who follow our blog closely will know by now that Tuesdays are a chance for us to relive some of the photographic moments from Saturday night’s show! 

GIF of the Week

Claudia is a Gymnast and is completely fearless! This whole section took a risk but it paid off and the whole Samba was brilliant. 

Photo of the Week

Ore portrayed Willy Wonka perfectly and looked like the perfect gentleman in this routine! Overall this routine was truly sweet, but this is our favourite picture of the night!

Caption of the week:

Our caption this week came from DevonsDarling on Instagram, who said this:

“Shoot for the stars Rob, you’re more fab-u-lous than Haley’s comet!” We presume that Oksana was telling him this!

Those are our favourite moments from Musicals Week. We can hardly believe there are just 2 more weeks of Strictly to go! 😱

Cassie πŸ™‚


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