Strictly 2016 – The Semi-Final – A performance review!

Tonight the fantastically, fab-u-lois final four couples took to the Strictly Ballroom floor for the Strictly Semi-Final. We were treated to two dances from each couple and they all did spectacularly in our opinion! Here’s what we thought in our own words:

CzV41ONWgAALHon.jpgFirst to take to the Strictly floor tonight were Louise and Kevin who performed a Tango in the first round and a Samba in the second round.

Their Tango was set in a Glitterball Factory (where my little girl wants to work as a Saturday job when she’s old enough) and was full of energy, aggression and so so speedy. There was a bit of a moment during one of the turns but she recovered quickly and overall we thought it was an incredible performance to start the night off. We loved it and thought they deserved a 9. The judges awarded them 37/40!

Their Samba was inspired by the Rio Carnival and was full of party spirit. Kevin always dances with so much energy and Louise did so well keeping up with him. Her confidence has grown in bucketloads and this dance showed that. It was packed full of Samba content and we loved the feel of the dance. We thought she deserved a 10. The judges gave them 37/40.

Danny and Oti were second to dance tonight. Their first dance was a sensational and saucy Salsa. They then followed this with an amazing American Smooth in the second round.

Their Salsa was super cool, laid back and reminded us of one of those Salsa clubs. Although it was laid back it was incredibly precise and technically excellent. Oti gave Danny some challenging choreography and lifts. He was perfectly matched to Oti and the whole dance was just brilliant. This year Oti’s choreography has been excellent and has excited us week after week. In our opinion they deserved a 10, the judges gave them 37.

Their American Smooth was (to quote my 6 year old) the most beautiful Strictly dance ever. It was romantic and so sophisticated. Fred and Ginger would be exceptionally proud of this awesome couple. There were some innovative lifts and moves in a dance that was essentially a Viennese Waltz which made it even more beautiful to watch. It was a dance that moved us to tears (not that it takes much to do that anyway!) We thought they deserved a perfect 40, but some judges were feeling less than generous (no names mentioned) and awarded them 39/40.

Third to take to the floor were Claudia and AJ. They were performing a Rumba followed by a Quickstep.

Their Rumba was romantic but innocent and pure and had some beautiful moves. It was a Rumba I felt happy letting my 6 year old watch. It was beautiful and gave us goosebumps. Claudia always executes choreography with precision. The judges criticised her for a lack of passion, but we disagreed and thought it was near-perfect. in our opinion she deserved a 9. The judges awarded her 35/40.

Their Quickstep was light, bright and super fast. Claudia performed her best dance yet and really connected with the performance. For the first time my 6 year old was deadly silent and mesmerised by their performance. It was a dance that truly deserved to be in the final. In our opinion she deserved a 10. The judges awarded them 38/40 – their highest score (including a 10 from Len.)

The last couple to dance tonight were Ore and Joanne. They performed a Quickstep followed by an Argentine Tango in the second round.

Their Quickstep rocked our socks and was truly brilliant. Joanne gave Ore some challenging choreography which he mastered. We loved the feel of the whole dance thinking they should get a 10. The judges awarded them 38/40 (including an 8 from Craig – not sure what planet he was on tonight!)

Their Argentine Tango was exquisite and full of passion. Ore connected with Joanne brilliantly and they were glued together like superglue! We loved the feel of the dance and it gave us goosebumps for the second time in one night. We loved it and awarded them a 10. The judges gave them 39/40!

So that ended tonight’s show. It was possibly the most closely fought semi-final ever. We’d love to save all 4 couples as they all deserve to be in the final, and to quote my 6 year old earlier “I think they are all winners!”

We’d love to hear who were your favourites tonight. Simply tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We’ll be back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the live results show. We hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂


One thought on “Strictly 2016 – The Semi-Final – A performance review!”

  1. Louise is a lovely dancer but the level of difficulty is her dances is much lower than the other 3 and as lovely as she is she doesn’t seem to love it as much as Ore and Danny- they both have a tangible passion for dance!

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