Strictly 2016 – Bella’s Best bits – The Semi-Final

Those of you who’ve had your eyes peeled on our blog over the past few weeks will know that my little Strictly Superfan – Little Miss Bella, has been sharing her best bits week after week!

After a few weeks off school with a burst appendix, today marks her first day back, but yesterday I asked her to share her best bits with me! Here are her top 3 moments from Saturday’s show:


3. Louise and Kevin’s Tango

When I am old enough to work on a Saturday, I want to work in a glitter ball factory because it looks like lots of fun and you get to dance tango like this too. I loved this dance and thought she was fab-u-lous.

2. Claudia and AJ’s and Ore and Joanne’s Quicksteps

I started learning quickstep before I was poorly and it’s my favourite dance in the whole world. I loved theseΒ dances because they were so fast and they made it look like so much fun! They looked really happy in their dances too.

1. Danny and Oti’s American Smooth

Oh my glitter balls! I loved their lifts, they were awesome and they floated like two birds across the dance floor. It was the most beautiful strictly dance ever and Oti’s dress made her look like a real life princess. She is Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog!

So those are Bella’s best bits from this week’s semi-final!

Here’s what she thought of the dance-off and the couple who went home:

It was very close this week, and I think all four couples were winners in my opinion. I was sad to see Danny in the dance-off because he is amazing, and was really sad to see Claudia go home because she was one of my favourites. I want to give her a real glitter ball – maybe Strictly can give her one from the glitter ball factory, because she really deserves one.

Bella will be here to review the final next week and countdown her top ten moments from Strictly 2016!

Cassie πŸ™‚


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