Strictly 2016 – Who we think will lift the Glitterball this weekend!


This Saturday Danny and Oti, Louise and Kevin and Ore and Joanne will take to the floor to be crowned the Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2016!

This series has been truly phenomenal and all three couples have impressed us on the dance floor! Here are our verdicts on each of the couples and their chances of winning the Glitterball!

Danny and Oti

Danny has been Mr Consistent. Week after week he has impressed us with his ability. From the start of the competition he looked like a professional and it has become increasingly difficult to tell him apart from the professional dancers in group routines as the show has progressed.

Otis choreography this year has really excited us and having such a talented partner as Danny she has been able to give us some truly magical moments! He has moved with style, flair and panache and week after week he has looked just like Fred Astaire!

We have loved watching him perform on the show and think that he is a deserving winner of the glitter ball for his ability, hard work and the magic he has produced on the dance floor with Oti!

Louise and Kevin

From the start, we knew that Louise would go far as she was in the very safe hands of Kevin! This will be his fourth final in a row, surely that in itself is deserving of a glitter ball?

Louise’s musicality has been amazing. Yes, she is a musician and a singer but learning a new skill cannot be easy.

On another note, Louise has transformed as a performer. From a shy performer in the first group dance to a dancer capable of performing that incredible quickstep in the musicals week special. The growth in her confidence and her development as a performer has been truly incredible. It’s testament to Kevin’s wonderful teaching and being such an encouraging professional.

For growth as a performer and musicality, we think Louise could lift the Glitterball!

Ore and Joanne

Unlike the other two finalists, Ore has never had any dance training. He has proven his ability as a dancer through his ability to connect with the style of the dance and produce a convincing performance week after week.

His friendship with Joanne has shown through in every performance and it even led them to get a brilliant tribute from Gene Kelly’s wife after their American Smooth. We have loved watching Ore develop as a dancer and week after week he has surprised and amazed us!

For natural performance ability Ore could lift the Glitterball!

So, who do we think will lift the Glitterball? Well, we would love to see Danny and Oti lift the Glitterball as they have been the frontrunners for us from the very beginning. All we can say is whoever wins or lifts the glitter ball on Saturday they will truly deserve it and we’d be happy with the glitter ball making its way to Grimsby too!

Who would you like to see lift the Glitterball? Just vote in this poll below to tell us. We look forward to hearing from you:

Cassie 🙂


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