Good Luck Ore and Joanne #TeamOjo 💃🏼

Saturday night looks set to be a truly spectacular night of Strictly when the Clifton siblings will go head to head to fight for the Glitterball!

It’s not just about the professional dancers, but also about their celebrity partners. One couple have capture our hearts with their dances week after week, and that couple is Ore and Joanne!

As an untrained dancer, Ore has shown his ability as a natural performer. He has performed every dance he has been given with style and flair and has a natural knack for picking up the feeling of every dance! Who could forget his American Smooth which not just impressed us here in the UK, but also impressed the late Gene Kelly’s wife? Who could also forget that wonderful Jive of theirs which was not just memorable but legendary!

Whatever happens on Saturday, Ore and Joanne are our peoples’ champions and we are sure they will remain the best of friends.

We’d like this post to become a good luck post for Ore and Joanne. Send us your good luck messages for them and we’ll make sure they see them.

Cassie 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good Luck Ore and Joanne #TeamOjo 💃🏼”

  1. #TeamOJo I am so proud you guys and I am rooting for all way go smash the final . you have such a long and your both dedicated and talented its been an honour to support you every second. love you loads Emma / @Aliandkellie

  2. Ore and Joanne. You two are amazing! You have done amazing throughout the show and have made all of your fans incredibly proud. I really hope that you two get to lift the glitterball but either way you will always be my winners 💖💖

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