Strictly 2016 – A Review of the Strictly Year!

2016 has been a year filled with shocks and surprises both on and away from the Strictly Dancefloor. We are just days away from finding out this year’s champion, and to end what has been a truly epic series, we thought we’d share what we thought have been the defining moments of Strictly 2016!

Ed Balls

Every year has its underdog and this year that title fell to Ed Balls. Yes, week after week we voted to save him after the judges seemed less than impressed by his dancing. He came, he entertained and he summed up what Strictly is all about. I don’t think we’ll ever forget his Gangnam Style Salsa and who else could have landed on the Blackpool Floor whilst sat at a piano which had flames on it? Ed, you may have left Strictly, but you won our hearts and will be remembered for a very very long time!

Len’s Last Series

Early on this series, we learnt that Mr Sev-errrn, Len would be hanging up his judging shoes (or should that be paddles) at the end of this series and would be retiring from the show. We have enjoyed many fantastic Len-isms including him declaring he was a fan of One Direction (until Zayn left) and him telling Ed his Cha Cha Cha was supernatural! We’re pretty sure that this Saturday’s show will be emotional as Len waves goodbye to the Strictly Ballroom. He has always been one for constructive criticism and standing up for the celebrities. We’re pretty sure his replacement will do just the same, but he will be sadly missed.

The most epic theme weeks ever

Theme weeks normally amaze us but this year they were completely epic! We had a wonderful Movies themed week, followed by Blackpool week and then had the most epic one of them all, Musicals Week. All three were novel and went above and beyond what we expected. Strictly does keep getting better and better, and we must congratulate all those involved on a brilliant series (including the theme weeks.)

Pro dances

This year we have been treated to having 17 professional dancers. That has meant that there have been some huge and truly amazing professional dances. One of our favourites has to be this one which really moved us to tears *provides you all with some tissues incase you are prone to emotional outbursts:

Shock exits

There were some very early shock exits! Take for instance, Melvin, Tameka and also Laura who all left the competition with so much more to give. The lovely Will had to quit too, due to personal reasons and results shows became a very tense and emotional time for us all. We’ve never had a series like this series. We loved every single contestant and partnership, which made saying goodbye that little bit emotional.

The Rinder!

If there ever was a contestant who summed up how great it was to learn to dance, it is this guy. His expressive nature and his genuine love of dancing captured the nation’s (and our) hearts. His smile and joy at dancing every week really did make us smile and want to join in along at home too! He has possibly been one of the most expressive contestants and is a man of many expressions! πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬β˜ΊοΈπŸ€“ (They should give him his own Emoji keyboard!)

The Terms and Conditions

The antics in the Clauditorium have made our saturdays. The Terms and Conditions, which in many TV shows would be the most boring part of the show, have become so entertaining they have never failed to make us smile! 

The glitter, sparkle and magical costumes

Strictly wouldn’t be Strictly without the brilliant costumes, the glitter and all the sparkle! This year’s costumes have been more sparkly than ever before. They have lit up our TV screens and have made the dances look truly beautiful. The Make-up and hair has been off-the-scale uh-may-zing too (we think even Craig would give it a 10!) Combined with the brilliant choreography and music they have made the performances and Saturday night and Sunday night shows fab-u-lous to watch.

The standard of dancing!

We say it every year, but this year’s Standard Of Dancing has been higher than its ever been before. We’ve had celebrities who’ve been good enough to be professionals from week one (take for instance Danny who we found looked like a pro dancer in week 1)  we had the first perfect scoring Samba ever and we’ve had couples testing their limits (Jo and Ore with that longest fleckerl in the history of Strictly ever!)  We’ve also had injuries as a result (Laura’s ankle) from celebrities pushing themselves to produce such high standards of dancing. Credit has to also go to the professional dancers who have choreographed some challenging routines for all their celebrities to perform and impress us!

So those are the moments that sum up Strictly for us this year. What has summed up Strictly for you? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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