Strictly 2016 – Sev-ern reasons we’ll miss Len “Sev-ern” Goodman!

Tonight saw the Strictly legend that is Len Goodman put his Head Judge crown on for the last time, when he lead the judging panel for the final time in the Strictly Christmas special.

Over the past 12 years, Len has become the judge all our couples want to impress. His knowledge have come to help us choose who to vote for when the competition has been very close. 

We will really miss Len and tonight shed many a tear whilst watching the Strictly Christmas Special. Here are the reasons we’ll miss Len and the things we’ll remember him for most. It’s what we’re calling Len’s Legacy:

1. His Knowledge

Len really does know his fleckerls from his standing spins and you can always count on him to be looking at technique in the performance. The other judges are brilliant and look at different aspects, but Len will always go back to his ballroom and latin roots and stick to what he knows best. He helps Strictly feel more like a ballroom/latin competition and is the judge couples want to impress, because of his knowledge.

2. He is a traditionalist

We do love all the snazzy performances, but love nothing more than a traditional foxtrot. Len is just the same and will always give couples credit for doing traditional routines rather than “faffing around!” We love good old fashioned dancing and hope whoever replaces him does just the same too! To quote Len, he is a cup of tea in a world of lattes.

3. He gives constructive criticism.

Where as some judges (no names mentioned) can be mean to couples and pull their routines apart, you can always count on Len to be the voice of reason. He will always praise couples for what they did well rather than criticising what went wrong in the routine. He is always there to stand up for couples when other judges may be less than complimentary and we admire him for that.

4. His Len-isms

Everyone wants to hear a Len-ism. He has a way with words which never fails to make us smile.  We don’t like pickled walnuts as a treat, but do love hearing him threaten to pickle his walnuts. We also love him telling us phrases like “winner winner chicken dinner!” Everyone wants to get a Ten from Len! 

5. His calmness

Having sat next to the live wire that is Bruno Tonioli, we love Len’s patience. Many a time Bruno has flapped and fallen off his chair, but Len has always remained calm and is completely unflappable!

6. His Honesty

A good judge must always be honest and Len is just that! He speaks his mind and will always tell couples (in a nice way) when he likes/does not like something. We admire this character in his personality. He is the judge that couples know will always speak his mind. 

7. His Scoring

Everyone wants to get a 10 from Len or a Sev-ern and they have become legendary on Strictly. They are scores couples aspire to achieve and we will miss him scoring our couples dancing. On a plus note, tonight, during the Christmas Special he gave a total of 6 tens! 

Farewell to Mr Sev-ern, Len Goodman and thank you for all you have done on Strictly over the past 12 years. We will really miss Len next year. What will you miss most about him? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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