Strictly – The Things That 2016 Taught us!

We are just hours away from the end of 2016. It’s been a year of shocks and surprises, on and off the ballroom floor, from Ed Balls and that Gangnam Salsa to early and shock eliminations! Here’s what 2016 has taught us:

1.  The Tango is a really tough dance:

This year saw more eliminations from the tango than ever before. Melvin was eliminated in week 2 after his Tango, Tameka in week 3 after her Tango, Lesley in week 5 after her Tango and it got us in a bit of a muddle (mango of a tango!) especially as the Tango is one of our favourite ballroom dances. These three couples had a lot more to give, especially Melvin and Janette, but Justice was restored when they lifted the Christmas Glitter(ball) star!

2. It is possible to do the Salsa to Gangnam Style and if you do it will be remembered forever.

When we heard some of the song choices this year they did make us wonder what dances we were going to see. One particular example was Gangnam Style, for the Salsa 🤔. We do have the best professional dances on planet earth (and planet strictly come to think of it) and Katya’s choreography (as well as Ed’s hard work and dancing) made this one of our favourite routines of the series. Here it is again in case you needed a reminder.

3. Dance-offs and Results shows can surprise and shock us.

Yes, here at Strictly Support Group HQ we had many tears during results show this year. It probably didn’t help that we loved absolutely every single couple on this year’s show and saying goodbye became very tough, week after week. The standard on this year’s strictly was higher than ever, so it made the competition even closer. It made us realise that our favourites really did need our votes to be saved week after week.

4. Kevin Clifton is a Choreography and Teaching Genius!

We can always rely on Kevin from Grimsby to treat us to some awesome choreography. His Paso Dobles have been legendary over the 4 years he has worked on Strictly. This year, we had more Kevin from Grimsby specials as he yet again got all the way to the final. That’s 4 years in a row. His choreography was inspired and really impressed us. Sadly he did not lift the glitterball (it went to his sister instead, but my 6 year old is hoping they’ll share it nicely.) 4 finals in a row! Surely that has to be a record deserving of a Glitterball!

5. 2016 was the year of daring lifts and tricks

We’d seen lifts and tricks but never lifts and tricks like these ever before. The professionals all pushed the bar really high with their choreography and challenged their celebrities to perform to their best. We did have an Olympic Gymnast in the cast which probably helped with the tricks part, but many of them surprised and amazed us. In case you hadn’t seen them before, have a look at our favourites, in this moment from our twitter feed:

6. It was time for Craig to have someone to answer back to!

Yes, Judge Rinder came, danced and conquered the Strictly dancefloor. His reaction to Craig Revel Horwood’s comments were worth the licence fee alongand really unmissable. It was good having a contestant who was willing to answer back especially when the judges were grumpy!

7. It may have been Len’s last series but that didn’t stop his magic!

The King of Strictly has officially left the Strictly ballroom. *sobs* We will really miss him, but even if it was his last year we did have many a “ten from Len” and threats of pickled walnuts throughout this series. We wish him good luck in his future ventures in the USofA and we wish whoever takes over from him a lot of sparkly good luck as they have Len-shaped shoes to fill!

8. A record-breaking year

2016 was a record breaking year for Strictly. Not only did it get the highest audience share and its highest viewing figures but we saw the highest scoring dances ever! We saw the first ever perfect scoring Samba from Danny and Oti and the highest scoring week 4 dance ever from Ore and Joanne (it scored 39.) Even Ed Balls achieved the highest lowest score in week 7 for his quickstep scoring 27 points!

9. It was the year of dance crazes!

We had Ed doing Gangnam Style and Strictly attempting this mannequin challenge on the Christmas Special! Pure television magic again from the wonderful Strictly team!

10. It is perfectly possible to get a perfect score for the Samba

Until this year, we thought it was impossible to get a perfect score for the samba. Then along came Danny and Oti who wowed us and the Judges with a truly brilliant routine, that got 10s across the board. (It also saved us from eating one of our hats) We have to credit Oti this year for bringing some truly incredible choreography to the show. She deserves a glitterball in her own right. We hope she comes back next year.

11. Bruno can stay on his chair for the whole series (well almost)

Yes this year, Mr Tonioli remained firmly seated in his chair *wonders if he got given a seatbelt or a harness* right up until the final when he fell off his chair! We are quite glad of this as we’d hate for him to hurt himself.

12. Never trust Claudia to hold onto something you give her.

Claudia and Tess and their antics always brighten up our Saturday nights during Strictly season. This year, a common theme emerged. Claudia seemed to drop every prop she was asked to hold onto!  We loved these comedy sketches which always made us laugh!

13. Strictly is the best show on TV ever!

Nothing will ever come between us and Strictly. There may have been shocks and surprises this year, but we have to say 2016 has been the best year ever! Thank you for all the memories Strictly and  here’s to many more in 2017!

So, what has 2016 taught you about Strictly? Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll be on twitter (@scd_support)  from 7pm tonight for our first Strictly Support Group post-strictly. Yes, it’s going to be a new year themed chat!

Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂


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