Strictly Makes – Some Sparkly Creative Sets for us Strictly fans – Review!

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to wear something glittery every day of the year! My little girl took this quite literally when she discovered these fun packs whilst out shopping for some arts and crafts stuff last week:

Yesterday was a snow day here, so we spent a couple of hours arts and crafting at home and testing these products to see what they are like! Here’s what myself (as mum) and Bella thought of them!


I’ll put you in the picture. We were out shopping when Bella brought this to me and said “Mummy, please can I have this. It has the word sparkle in it!” The moment I saw sparkly jewellery I could not resist buying it for her. We love arts and crafts activities and although it said suitable for children aged 8+ we thought we’d try it to see what we thought. 

We bought the Sparkle Violet and Sparkle Light Pink Starter Kits which come complete with one tube of Gel, a plastic sheet, a nozzle for the gel tube, and the chance to make up to 20 designs. The kits we bought cost £6 each and were from The Entertainer ( Bella had already been given a set this Christmas from a family friend so we had some other colours to use too. You can either use the designs or freestyle and make your own gel designs. It can be used to make jewellery or to decorate bags, phone cases etc. Once dried you’ll be left with eye-catching designs. Designs like these:

What I thought (Mummy)

The instructions are easy to follow, and the templates guide you to help you make some eye-catching designs. Inevitably, as with most arts and crafts activities there is mess, so if you are using this product for the first time make sure you have a table covering which you won’t mind if it gets damaged. Also, we wore arts and crafts overalls which may be a good idea, as the product can get everywhere, if you’re not careful. The product states it is for ages 8+ and children younger than that may struggle as the gel tubes can be quite hard to control. With help and on her first attempt, Bella created these bracelets above and I think she did a brilliant job. It does take an hour to dry, so there is a lot of waiting involved, but the end result is worth the wait!

What Bella thought:

I thought this was a lot of fun. I like wearing sparkly bracelets and it reminded me of Loom Bands a bit. It is a lot of fun to make the bracelets and I made mummy and daddy some hearts too because I love them a lot! It was a bit boring having to wait for them to dry but mummy told me that all good things come to those who wait. I’d give them an 8/10

Jelly Stickers – Fashion Kit!

These have to be the sparkliest stickers we’ve ever seen. The idea is that children are given paints to decorate stickers. There are also sequin and glitter sprinkles! Nothing could stop my little glitter fairy from asking her mummy to purchase these! We also found these at The Entertainer and they cost £5.66! Here’s one we made earlier:

What I thought (Mummy)

For a sticker mad 6 year old these are perfect! The age guide is 5+ but it gave Bella a lot of enjoyment making some fun fashion stickers. Due to time constraints we only managed to make a few stickers, but the end result was very good and I dare say Bella will use them in her drawings and in cards too. She managed to make these with minimal help from mummy. The instructions are clear. Once again, we’d recommend covering the surface in a protective surface as it can get messy.

What Bella thought

I love these stickers and I can make them as sparkly as I want. I find some stickers you buy in shops boring because they don’t have as many sparkles as I’d like on them but this kit means I can make things really glittery. The stickers are good for girls and look really pretty. They are easy to decorate and when they’re finished they look really good! If they were on Strictly I’d give them a 10/10

So in Bella’s eyes the Jelly stickers were best. If you’ve used either of these products we’d love to hear what you thought of them! Tell us by tweeting @scd_support or send us pictures of your creations. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


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