DWTS Ireland – Week 2 Review from our Irish Reporter @byrnesarahnow

Those of you following our blog will know, we have an Irish Reporter following DWTS with a fine tooth comb, the lovely Sarah Byrne. Last night, she sat to watch a tantastic show 2. Here’s what she thought of the show: 

Hi everyone,

So week 2 took place last night and it was supposed to be all about the girls, however, Hughie’s tan was the talk of the show. Loraine asked him last week “How much tan is too much tan?” Well if we thought it was bad then it was nothing compared to this week. I think the nation as a whole went “Holy God, what has happened to Hughie?”


Anyway enough about Hughie, the show opened with another great pro dance before we were introduced to everyone and then the girls hit the floor.

Actress Aoibhin Garrihy & Vitali Kizmon – Cha Cha – 21

Comedian Katherine Lynch & Kai Widdrington – Waltz – 18

Model Thalia Heffernan & Curtis Pritchard (AJ’s Brother) – Quickstep – 16

Formerly of Operation Transformation Dr. Eva Orsmond & Sean Smullen – Salsa – 13

RTE Reporter Teresa Mannion & John Nolan – Tango – 16

Actress Denise McCormack & Ryan McShane – Jive – 22

It seemed like the extra week helped as the nerves were not as obvious and they all danced well and with confidence. The only slip up was Ryan (the best pro in the show – his words) had a literal slip and everyone took great pleasure in teasing him about it. The extra week did come with drawbacks as the judges seem to be getting more comfortable and had some harsh comments and scores compared to week 1.

The lads had a group number which was good and Nicky again talked to the judges and the stars. It seems like we wont have a results show, they will have it all in one but I hope they have a musical guest next week just to break it up a bit.

It might have been because of the extra female dancer but the show didn’t seem to take as long even with all the ad breaks. So next week we lose our first Star, let me know how you voted & who you think will go home.



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