DWTS Ireland – Week 3 – A review by @byrnesarahnow

Those of you who follow our blog will know, every week we’re following Dancing With Stars Ireland and have our very own reporter, the lovely Sarah, who is bringing us the news week by week! Here’s what happened on Sunday’s show in her own words:

1st Elimination

Well folks, Week 3 arrived and brought with it a whole host of surprises. Julian’s jackets seem to be becoming more elaborate with each week and doesn’t seem to be calming down. May need to have a special section just for him.


As everyone was dancing tonight we were able to get stuck in to all and it seemed like some of the boys underperformed compared to their last outing and the girls got stronger.

Katherine & Kai – Cha Cha – 18

*was like an Irish Madonna seducing a younger man and she did it well*

Dayl & Kzenia – Tango – 19

*Dayl has been given 2 strikes against him from Brian for including Hip Hop in his dancing who seems to be getting into his stride and channelling Craig**

Aidan & Valeria – Quickstep – 16

*Seem to really lose his way this week & has since announced his retirement from County football – maybe to concentrate on dancing who knows.*

Dr Eva & Sean – Foxtrot – 18

* She seemed to take this dance serious and it showed as her scores improved*

Des B. & Giuila – Salsa – 21

*Des went to Club Tropicana as let it all go – he really looked like he was enjoying himself and his confidence is growing*

Hughie & Emily – Waltz – 17

*Hughie 2.0 took to the floor and looked like a completely different person and while the score wasn’t great it was still an improvement*

Teresa & John – Cha Cha – 15

*Teresa is a Breast Cancer warrior and danced to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and it had more of a story than the dance delivered sadly. The dance wasn’t great but she did it for survivors everywhere so well done**

Thalia & Curtis – Rumba – 21

*Thalia was a bit upset by last weeks scores and set out to redeem herself and that’s what she did. Her long legs were made for the Rumba.*

++Is this the earliest we have seen a Rumba? I cant remember, please everyone let me know++

Denise & Ryan – Tango – 26

*Biggest surprise of the night. Described as a Master class  of a Tango, Ryan looked especially pleased with himself. This danced earned not 1 but 2 #9 paddles with Brian giving an 8*

Des C. & Karen – Paso – 18

*Well if Denise gave a Master class of a Tango, Des gave us a demonstration in not only dad dancing but determination and enjoyment. He gave it socks and received a standing ovation worthy of the final for his efforts*

Aoibhin & Vitali – Quickstep – 22

*Last out and showed no sign of nerves, she put in a really good performance**

So there you have it all 11 have danced, voting lines were opened and we had the customary ad breaks and chats to everyone. We were treated to a lovely light-hearted colourful Pro dance which centred around picture frames.

Next up it was the elimination  – panic stations – all couples were on the floor and I felt this bit was a bit rushed. All saved couples were announced and we were left with three.

Thalia, Dr Eva & Hughie – I though sure it would be Dr Eva (she wouldn’t be the most popular person) but huge surprise it was Hughie and no one was more surprised than he was, poor fella he looked devastated.


That’s all for this week, let me know what you thought.



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